being apolitical
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Teens And Apolitical Culture

Being apolitical is not simply being blissfully ignorant of the world’s problems. Being apolitical is also a political statement. The…

money making
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Money Making For Young People

Baby, you can drive my car! Do you want to be professionally orientated? Are you barely eighteen? That’s the worst age…

hug hug
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How Do Guys And Girls Deal With Problems

How do both sexes deal with problems? Girls have PMS. It is enough for them that they deal with problems…

I love them both
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I Love Them Both And I Can Not Choose

I love them both I am in love like a school-girl and I am in trouble. To love them both…

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When You Believe You Are Chatting With Him

He wants some space in your “wicked head.” Wait, your head is not wicked! Why would he say so, doesn’t…

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Makeup Inspirations

When you want to be original and different for a special occasion, when you want to be really unusual –…

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Freddie Is Not Quite The Shilling

“When I am dead who cares? I don’t!” – says Freddie Mercury and sucks on his cigar. “One dream, one…

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Five Ingredients For The Perfect Date

Taste Now if her daddy is rich – take her to fine dining or wine tasting. You want to remember…

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Tripping To Paris For Christmas

Paris is where honeymooners go. It is the best holiday destination as well. The City of Lights (La Ville Lumière)…

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Guys Will Do Anything For French Girls

What are French girls like? They love poetry. They are from the country of Jacques Prevert and Baudelaire. So they…

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The Ugliest Actor In The World

Who are possibly the ugliest actors in the world? Why are they so charming? Billy Mack from Love Actually grabs…

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Why Are Haters Cool

I have two extremely different haters in my life. For our convenience let us call them the male and the…

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Kesha’s Song And Girl Power

Kesha is condemned as one of the stupidest pop-stars. Truly she’s been recorded to wake up with half her shoes…