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The Man Who Doesn’t Get Lucky

This man is notoriously good, and smart, and genuine. He buys you coffee and treats you right. He is in…

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On Beauty

Define Beauty According to Hesiod at the wedding of  Cadmus and Harmony in Thebes, the Muses sang some verses to…

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Where Shall I Take Her On The First Date?

Take her on the floor. Lady  F is kidding. Make sure you have a soft bed at your disposal. Just…

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Coffee Break

Coffee is one of the ingredients for morning super powers. It smells like heaven and tastes addictive. It is brown…

he loves
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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Are You Head Over Hears In Love? Do not play with daisies. They do not know your destiny. Neither do…

explain your love
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10 Super Cool Way To Explain Your Love To A Girl

10 Super Cool Way To Explain Your Love To A Girl How To Explain Your Love For Her? Make a…

body liquids
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Sexual Juices

Our Body Liquids Our bodies, when excited release all kinds of body liquids that smell and taste wonderfully well. Some…

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10 Qualities Of Epic Sex

10 Qualities Of Epic Sex Epic sex is as romantic as the first kiss between two enamored people. Epic sex…

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Aries And Capricorn Compatibility Tale

Isabelle Vivienne was Jean Claude’s crush from college because she was so deeply involved in learning that everyone admired her….

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How To Have Sex With A Taurus

The Taurus woman has got a whole boudoir entirely to herself, with huge mirrors, candles and powder-puffs, long gloves, scarves,…

To Pay The Bill
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Does He Have To Pay The Bill?

What Do You Think Ladies – Does He Have To Pay The Bill? Now, if her daddy is rich, Take…

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How To Heal A Broken Heart

So How Does One Deal With It? First, you have to know that the heart is a flexible muscle. So,…

Christmas In Venice
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Christmas In Venice

Christmas In Venice Is Truly Enchanting Does It Snow At Christmas In Venice? Yes, it snows in the City of…

fall for your best friend
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What If You Fall For Your Best Friend And He Rejects You

Did you fall for your best friend? Destiny has never been so cruel. Not even when you can’t find a…

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How To Imply I Like Her, Without Looking Dumb

Don’t do anything desperately romantic – like calling her on the phone every day, or writing in the snow behind…