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Money Making For Young People

Baby, you can drive my car! Do you want to be professionally orientated? Are you barely eighteen? That’s the worst age…

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When My Beautiful And Smart Girlfriend Breaks Up

When does the relationship smell of disaster? When the woman wants sex more than the man does. Sex is essential…

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How To Know If She Wants To Be Kissed

Try her with the iconic line of Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind: “Now I do not think that…

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Why Are Haters Cool

I have two extremely different haters in my life. For our convenience let us call them the male and the…

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Kesha’s Song And Girl Power

Kesha is condemned as one of the stupidest pop-stars. Truly she’s been recorded to wake up with half her shoes…

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How To Be The Life Of The Party

Have you ever felt lonely in a company? Have you ever felt so out of space on a party that…

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How To Imply I Like Her, Without Looking Dumb

Don’t do anything desperately romantic – like calling her on the phone every day, or writing in the snow behind…