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The Man Who Doesn’t Get Lucky

This man is notoriously good, smart, and genuine. He buys you coffee and treats you right. He is of reproductive…

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The Men I Have No Chance With

Michael Jackson On a regular basis, police officers had to drag the bodies of young women, who fainted from ecstasy…

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Christmasy Random Acts of Kindness

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Women and Nuts

How to make a woman excited? How to induce arousal in the fair sex and make a woman crave for…

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Dear Lady F, I Have Lost Attraction For My Girlfriend – There Is No More Thrill

And that’s the shit that happens with normal relationships. You have no other choice, but making it an “extraordinary” relationship….

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The Mysterious Lady

Lady F: The first thing you noticed in her face wasn’t the mysterious, gaudy, lace, carnival mask – no –…

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Gods Must Have Gone Crazy : The Craziest Stuff About Greek Gods

Greek Gods and Goddesses Plato coined the word “mythology”, around 400 BC, to denote the imaginative tales about the Gods…

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The Worst Sex Advice

Humiliate each other! For a person with healthy confidence, this is a deal breaker on both the giving and the…

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What Is A Theme In Literature?

A Theme: The Heart of the Story The theme is the message or the lesson that the author wants to…

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30 Things Lady F Should Stop Doing

Don’t walk out with hair that is not well combed and arranged. Don’t stay at home during the cold spell….

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How To Love Yourself

How To Love Yourself No, Lady F does not have in mind narcissism. Madonna says that until you learn to…

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Lady F And The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Lady F Celebrating Coffee Coffee. Sugarless, dark, black. Espresso, roasted, fresh. With just a spoon of milk –  caffè latte….

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Where Shall I Take Her On The First Date?

Take her on the floor. Lady  F is kidding. Make sure you have a soft bed at your disposal. Just…

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Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter? No. What matters is firmness. In both the male reproductive organ and the female breasts – what…

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I Hate His Parents

I Hate His Parents Dear Lady F, I have a really big problem. Really, I enjoy the relationship with my…

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What Will Make You Engage In A Fantastic Romance

Your ability to concentrate… No, seriously – concentration is love and everybody who loves is able to concentrate for a…

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He Doesn’t Return My Book – What Should I Do?

Dear Lady F, I don’t really need advice about my love life, as people say: It’s raining men. However, I…

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Sexual Attraction On A First Date

Dear Lady F, To what extent does sexual attraction influence your behavior on the first date? The first date behavior…