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He Doesn’t Return My Book – What Should I Do?

Dear Lady F, I don’t really need advice about my love life, as people say: It’s raining men. However, I…

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Sex With Virgo

She’s the one with the headache from the popular jokes. Truth is Virgo is sexually shy, and a little prude….

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How To Have Sex With An Aries

Whenever Aries has got a bad day – remember that they just need a hug. Play soft music on the…

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When You Believe You Are Chatting With Him

He wants some space in your “wicked head.” Wait, your head is not wicked! Why would he say so, doesn’t…

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How To Know If He Likes Me

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. Do you like yourself, girl? Chances are if you do –…

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Guys And The Taste Of Lipstick

Hey Guys, have you ever kissed a girl with lipstick? Seriously, they want to know how that feels. Teenage girls,…