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Personalized Fairy

curvy ladies
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An Article In Defense Of Curvy Ladies

  Curvy ladies are ancient They are like the statues of Greek Goddesses of ancient times. Once upon a time,…

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The Tart Girl

Who the Heck is the Tart? The Tart of Tarts. They are always dolled up and very trendy, noticeable, discernible…

exaggerated makeup
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The Exaggerated Makeup Effect

Guys seem to be beware of the paint. Girls, don’t do exaggerated makeup! Is there something more tasteless than glaring…

hug hug
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How Do Guys And Girls Deal With Problems

How do both sexes deal with problems? Girls have PMS. It is enough for them that they deal with problems…

he likes me
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How To Know If He Likes Me

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. Do you like yourself, girl? Chances are if you do –…

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Five Ingredients For The Perfect Date

Taste Now if her daddy is rich – take her to fine dining or wine tasting. You want to remember…

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Guys Will Do Anything For French Girls

What are French girls like? They love poetry. They are from the country of Jacques Prevert and Baudelaire. So they…

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Lady Gaga Has Evolved

From Bad Romance, to Perfect Illusion – Lady Gaga has matured. She does no longer look as sick as in…

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How To Know If She Wants To Be Kissed

Try her with the iconic line of Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind: “Now I do not think that…

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Did Katy Perry Really Kiss A Girl?

Quote: “I kissed a girl, and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chap stick…” In the song, she…

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Guys And The Taste Of Lipstick

Hey Guys, have you ever kissed a girl with lipstick? Seriously, they want to know how that feels. Teenage girls,…

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How To Imply I Like Her, Without Looking Dumb

Don’t do anything desperately romantic – like calling her on the phone every day, or writing in the snow behind…

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Kizomba – Making Out In Clothes

People dance Kizomba by hugging and making waves with their bodies against each other with cat-like grace. They look so…