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Lady F, I Was Denied, How To Move On?

Cheers! The fact that you have been denied means something better expects you on the next corner! So do not…

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Gods Must Have Gone Crazy : The Craziest Stuff About Greek Gods

Greek Gods and Goddesses Plato coined the word “mythology”, around 400 BC, to denote the imaginative tales about the Gods…

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30 Things Lady F Should Start Doing

Put cinnamon in your coffee. Care more for your hair and your other wonderful female virtues. Start using the “snail…

his parents
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I Hate His Parents

I Hate His Parents Dear Lady F, I have a really big problem. Really, I enjoy the relationship with my…

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Tell Me About The Relationship Which Made You Happiest?

Tell Me About The Relationship Which Made You Happiest? All my relationships make me happy, friendship, family as well as…

have sex
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He Keeps On Insisting To Have Sex. How To Refuse Him Tactfully?

He Keeps On Insisting To Have Sex. How To Refuse Him Tactfully? One of the best solutions, in this case,…

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A Guide To His Romantic Gestures In And Out Of Facebook

What romantic stuff can you do to bring joy to her heart? The Bouquet Traditionally, blue ladies are consoled by…

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How To Treat Grandma

How To Treat Grandma? This morning my grandma was ready to cry crocodile tears in her morning cup of coffee….

he loves
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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Are You Head Over Hears In Love? Do not play with daisies. They do not know your destiny. Neither do…

internet addiction
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How To Heal Internet Addiction

Are You Spending Your Entire Time Online? Internet addiction is an obsessive desire to use the Internet and incapability to…

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The Attractive Man Knows How To Treat Women

An attractive man knows how to treat women. To make a fine first impression, he has to be pleasant to…

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How To Keep A Woman Excited For Two Days

Small talk… No, I am serious! Chit-chat with the lady and every now and then imply that she deserves a…

being apolitical
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Teens And Apolitical Culture

Being apolitical is not simply being blissfully ignorant of the world’s problems. Being apolitical is also a political statement. The…

money making
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Money Making For Young People

Baby, you can drive my car! Do you want to be professionally orientated? Are you barely eighteen? That’s the worst age…

exaggerated makeup
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The Exaggerated Makeup Effect

Guys seem to be beware of the paint. Girls, don’t do exaggerated makeup! Is there something more tasteless than glaring…

fall for your best friend
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What If You Fall For Your Best Friend And He Rejects You

Did you fall for your best friend? Destiny has never been so cruel. Not even when you can’t find a…

I love them both
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I Love Them Both And I Can Not Choose

I love them both I am in love like a school-girl and I am in trouble. To love them both…

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Karaoke Night Out

You deserve to go to a karaoke night out at least once a month. It’s such a pleasant emotion. No…