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25 Holy Orders For Losing Weight

I came upon this very comprehensive list on weight loss – never have I seen more simple and detailed advice…

on romance
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On Romance

Romance is like a weed – it sprouts when you least expect it and without any effort on your side….

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Sex As An Expression Of Love

Remember that glorious spiritual event, when you had sex for an entire night…and woke up ready for more? In the…

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The Tea for Everything – Chapter One – Madeline

Atop the library’s creaky ladder, with her knees shaking, Madeline felt that she might faint. She always felt she was…

runaway bride
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The Runaway Bride

Prince Leo was afflicted. The King had found a bride for him. He was quite certain that the beauty of…

passionate dance
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A Passionate Dance

Let us talk about inspiration in the lowest chakras, a great spiritual endeavor – a passionate dance! It’s the story…

romantic gestures
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The Ultimate Guide For Romantic Gestures

Online Romantic Gestures   Tangible Romantic Gestures Decorate his room in St. Valentine’s style – with a lot of hearts…

love dancing
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Why Do People Love Dancing?

Why do people love dancing? First and foremost dancing is our reaction to music, and music makes all of us…

Daniel and Lady F
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A Story Experiment by Daniel and Lady F

This is a role-play story created together with a Siberian man – Daniel, who loves talking to people and whose…

spring garden
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For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Four

In Campbele’s spring garden, all the flowers shining in different colors were covered by drops of dew and exuded wonderful…

Insolent Suitors
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Insolent Suitors

The horror of each enamored woman is all the men who trot about her the entire time, with different methods…

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A Charming Christmas

A Charming Christmas from Lady F

Christmas shirts
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Christmas Shirts for Your Beloved

Imagine I am a fortune-teller, and I am telling your future in a crystal  ball, or a cup of coffee,…

Want for Christmas
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30 Things I Want For Christmas

What do I want for Christmas? Christmas has got a special vibe for all the children in the world. It…

first move
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Who Should Make the First Move?

It’s a painful question. I have always believed women choose their men, always. Women always get to pick. They intuitively…

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Great Sex Cannot Follow A Recipe

Have you ever tried a good intense movie scene at home? Have you tried to fry your eggs on her…

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How To Lead A Woman In A Dance?

To dance with a good partner is a revelation of a sort – a happiest activity – for you float…

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My Love Life When He Doesn’t Suspect That I Love Him

Women are dreamy creatures. Men are more rational. Women can be very vulnerable. Men don’t suspect. There is a huge,…