About Me

At the ripe age of 37, I still believe in fairies. I even believe that I have danced in those flowers sizzling with magic and loveliness, pollen and enchantment, and of course fairy scent…Add the gentlest female voice and a sparkling smile and stir a little with a silver spoon for splendor. I am very fond of my own company. 

I am into everything – I have a history as an actress, but in my childhood I was also a compelling artist. I have involved in all kinds of creative projects; I love to dance; I am a decent cook. But my profession is even more elusive – I am a writer – an ever aspiring one, ever evolving.

I am a Gemini and I have a vast number of interests, which is why I explore with an enthusiasm practically any subject. Every night I tear 12 pairs of dance slippers.

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This category contains sexual hints and tasteful descriptions of sexual nature. It is not intended for minors, which is why if you are younger than 18, you should leave. If sexual texts are illegal in your country, in your region or in your community, do not read these texts. They are meant for people who feel comfortable about their sexuality and expressing it. Please do not read, if you feel offended.


This category is a chance to ask your questions and entertain yourselves with the charming wisdom of the author. Though I am not a sage, I still have lived and loved for more than thirty years. I have had my share of tribulations and achievements. Though they are only personal opinions on many subjects, some of which may be irrelevant to you, I am trying to instill enthusiasm and be a positive factor in your circumstances. Of course, you may e-mail me any questions you would like covered in this section at 2goteen@gmail.com. I will try my best to answer them. 

You will learn how to handle pressure and how you can always make yourself feel better, how to write a love letter and what is the meaning when a girl gives chocolate to a boy. For those of you who feel lost between feelings and common sense, who want to learn about the worst sex advice ever, and the things no one tells you about talking dirty – welcome to the advice section of Lovebooklet. 

Although still under construction – these two categories contain valuable information  about the physical, and the psychological health of the individual. You will learn about self-care and in the subcategory of Weight Loss you will discover the holy orders for losing weight, how to deal with low self-esteem, and what goes on in the brain of a woman, who has just bought herself a nice pair of shoes…

You will find information on how to improve your lifestyle and design the surroundings you deserve. A touch of Feng Shui and posts on productivity and creating a journal. These two categories are still work in progress. 

What do the stars have in store for us? How can we interpret their feelings? These are the subjects we will deal with in this short, picturesque course. We will learn how the Planets move through the Zodiac Belt, and what virtues they bestow on us from above. As you know, it’s the Age of Aquarius and everybody is fascinated with this ancient lore. As a bonus you may learn how to make love to your favorite sign of the Zodiac. 

It’s the section of the Lovebook website where Gods and fair Goddesses and fairies dwell. It is heaven for fantasy writers and curious minds. Much of the world-class literature is based on mythological creatures and the beautiful legends about them. They inhabit the world of computer games as well. This category is still under construction, but it aims to eventually present to you the mythical lore of humanity in all its glory. If you want to know the meaning of flowers, your curiosity will be satiated. 


Coffee and Tea is a huge project which is an excuse for the author to write vast articles on possibly any subject that she takes interest in. The format of the project is a conversation between two young people, who have met in a Parisian cafe. One of them – Ashton knows everything about everything. His companion  Isabel is happy to learn about her interests from the man-encyclopedia. 

There are around 7000 cafes in the City of Light.  Parisians and visitors flock in cafes come rain or come shine.  Each café has got a unique vibe, yet everywhere there are donuts dipped in chocolate. Parisian cafes invite us to try their fantastic and very expensive espresso and take part in a beautiful story.

Each person has got a beautiful story to tell. With this belief, I have interviewed people from the entire world. Most of them are aspiring writers, but there are people with other walks of life. We have discussed their culture and their personal experiences, their attitude to sex, romance and work. You will be surprised how amazing ordinary people can be. 

Chatting with people for this project turned out to be a great pleasure for me. 

He walked away from me when I was at my lowest, and it took me five years of severe alcoholism and almost dying a few times to get over it. I see now that was not entirely his fault, my crash was coming for a while after my brother’s death and my disease of alcoholism would have evolved with or without my ex. He walked away for self-preservation, not willing to see me go through that. Given the circumstances and that I’d already put everything on the line for him yes, that sucked, but I forgive him for it and I understand. I came out stronger and more centered because of it and redefined my own personal definition of what a healthy relationship was- which brought me to Jude, my husband to be.

The Bullet Journal presents beautiful motivational vision boards, which will inspire you to take action in all areas of your life. You can also learn the most beautiful words in Sanskrit, what is it like to be in love with writing, what are the most romantic things, the most sexual, the qualities of orgasm, the blessings of spring. Besides being an exceptional pasttime,  the creation of all sorts of Vision boards drive you forward and boost your productivity. They also help in the selection of those activities, which are most important for the achievement of your long-term goals.

My job, my greatest passion and my entertainment – the category is still under construction but in near future it will cater to you an entire course for creative writing. Right now you may inform yourselves how to organize a fiction book, how to build a world, how to blog and stay at the desk regularly, and do what the great writers do. As Maya Angelou said:

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 

At present, this category contains some attempts at writing stories. Some of the stories have been heavily criticized by the author herself. I have not finished yet most of them. However, they are snippets of my vibrant imagination:

It was the beginning of December, the polar bears were wearing warm woolen vests, small white ballerinas were snowing in the air and the whole Enchanted Forest smelled of frankincense and pancakes. All the forest inhabitants had gathered in the Fair Pub to drink mulled wine and dance with passion…

Last, but not least – my favorite quotes or my very naive poetry accompanied by pictures from Pinterest and without any texts in the posts. I enjoy them, although it is debatable whether they bring any value to the website. Some of them are very holiday relevant. Creativity knows no limits…