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Christmasy Random Acts of Kindness

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Ways To Stay Creative

Free Writing Without prompts and without any agenda, freewriting is a fabulous exercise for your creativity. Peter Elbow developed this…

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Why Do We Overeat and How to Fight That?

Today, I wonder why most people overeat and do this with a special gusto? I refer to a book called…

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Why Do You Have To Walk 30 Minutes A Day

Walk if you want to live longer. The people who live in the Hunza Valley in the North part of…

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25 Holy Orders For Losing Weight

I came upon this very comprehensive list on weight loss – never have I seen more simple and detailed advice…

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Fairy Stories – A Tea Party

Have you ever received an invitation from a fairy? You know what it looks like? It’s much like a Christmas…

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What Would You Say About the Domination of Sex over Reason?

Churchill in a letter to his wife: “Dear Clementine, one of our cows had acted unreasonably and soon we are…

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On Being Needy

A woman in a relationship often exhibits certain neediness. It all comes from feeling a little insufficient and inadequate to…

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COFFEE AND TEA – Chapter Six – Alternative Health

“So, you never drink Ashton. That is a healthy choice.” “Living healthy is something I am very well acquainted with…

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What Do I Most Admire In People

  “What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and…

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Lady F and Tai Lopez Discussing How Does Life Work

I received a letter from Mr. Tai Lopez today, and I find it is the perfect subject to start a discussion….

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Blue Blood

The expression “blue blood” comes from the Spanish “sangre azul,” which shows nobility and noble lineage. This is one of…

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Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself – Mind, Body and Soul

Life means moving forward every minute of every day – and all of us have three great aspects we must…

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Feng Shui – Cures

Simply put, Feng Shui cures are ways of changing your life by altering your space. Performing cures changes the flow…

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A Routine Which Works For Me

If you want to achieve something meaningful in your life you have to invest a lot of time and efforts….

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On Self-Esteem

If you are tall or small – I like you! If you are fat or thin – I like you!…

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How to Be Productive and Overcome Procrastination?

Ninety-five per cent of college students find it hard to overcome procrastination and they are not the only ones suffering…

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Health And Emotions

Emotional Health Aspects Emotional Health, otherwise known as “well-being” stands for being able to create for you a life that…