taking it easy
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Taking It Easy In Plovdiv

“The world runs, but we, we are going to take it easy…” Taking it easy is an emblematic expression for…

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Philosophy of Travel

Istanbul – Real I went to Istanbul with great expectations for a rich journey. I anticipated delving deep into a…

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Visiting Istanbul

The City With The Many Names History has graced this appealing settlement with many different names – among them Constantinople…

sea romance
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Dreaming Of An All Inclusive Sea Romance

Summertime Sea Romance It’s that time of the year – you have to grab a straw hat and wear sunscreen,…

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Why Are Countries Like Bulgaria Not Well Respected In The EU

Money creates a lot of stress, globally…people in Bulgaria are so financially insecure, that they cannot express their culture, which…

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Guest Blogger Vasil Vasilev: On Plovdiv

Plovdiv – photographed and immortalized by the talented photographer Vasil Vasilev. There are places… moments… in which you can’t keep…