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Fairy Stories: The Bench

When Dew Lilycome first snatched at her bottom, Isabelle Dazzlesparkle stopped in her tracks. It was a seductive summer night,…

Blue House
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The Blue House

Day  1 – Setting At first glance – it was a place remarkable. When your eyes get used to the…

lovemaking scene
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Adoring Tarren Ravaren – the Lovemaking Scene

“Please make love to me!” It so happened that their minds were linked with the heavy trust of their amorous…

adoring tarren
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Fairy Stories: Adoring Tarren Ravaren – Part One

Would you like to know something bothering and awesome? Legends say that the fairy folk are lovemaking and merrymaking the…

dance me
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Fairy Stories: Dance Me to the End of Love

It was the beginning of December, the polar bears were wearing warm woolen vests, small white ballerinas were snowing in…

love letter
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Fairy Stories – A Love Letter

Have you ever received a love letter from a fairy? You know what it looks like? It looks pretty awesome…

tea party
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Fairy Stories – A Tea Party

Have you ever received an invitation from a fairy? You know what it looks like? It’s much like a Christmas…

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The Tea for Everything – Chapter One – Madeline

Atop the library’s creaky ladder, with her knees shaking, Madeline felt that she might faint. She always felt she was…

runaway bride
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The Runaway Bride

Prince Leo was afflicted. The King had found a bride for him. He was quite certain that the beauty of…

Daniel and Lady F
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A Story Experiment by Daniel and Lady F

This is a role-play story created together with a Siberian man – Daniel, who loves talking to people and whose…

spring garden
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For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Four

In Campbele’s spring garden, all the flowers shining in different colors were covered by drops of dew and exuded wonderful…

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A Charming Christmas

A Charming Christmas from Lady F

gentleman with the roses
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The Gentleman With The Roses

Once upon a time in Paris lived a bewitching lady. She used to sit naked next to the window pane…

sleeping beauty
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The Sleeping Beauty Told By Lady F

Once upon a time, in an unprecedentedly hot summer, with the rising sun, a Queen gave birth to a girl….

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Cinderella Told By Lady F

It’s the fairest story ever told. It inspired even the genial Walt Disney. The incredibly romantic tale of Cinderella has…

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The Story of How Grandma Got Married to Grandpa

It started in the times when life was hard and beautiful, and people, who had personal power and beauty thrived…

slightly inadequate
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Slightly Inadequate

  Slightly Inadequate was a story born as a role-play. At a certain point of the story, I noticed that…

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The Witch and The Knight – Part Four – The Leprechaun

Anton had to really think about what made him walk all this way with the witch, while scratching with a…