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Faerie Lore

  Familiar to me from all the fairy-tale dreams, here is a short account of what I believe the faerie…

blue blood
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Blue Blood

The expression “blue blood” comes from the Spanish “sangre azul,” which shows nobility and noble lineage. This is one of…

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The Lore Of Fairies

Fairies were real once… Even two hundred years ago, people took fairies really seriously. The word Fairy comes from the…

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Celtic Mythology And Folklore

Who are the Celts? We fancy Celts as light-skinned, red-haired and freckled folk, with mystical inclinations. They are believed to…

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Gods Must Have Gone Crazy : The Craziest Stuff About Greek Gods

Greek Gods and Goddesses Plato coined the word “mythology”, around 400 BC, to denote the imaginative tales about the Gods…

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Medieval Castle Life

Castle Life In French the expression “La vie du chateau” (The life in the castle) stands for a life in…

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The Meaning Of Flowers

Meaning Of Flowers Grand Prix Prince Rose Flower The Grand Prix Rose Flower is all about eternal love and adoration….