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Easter: Great Attitude – Great Day

Today is one of the greatest days of the year – Easter Day – and we greet each other with…

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Some Epic Ideas For Your Digital Bullet Journal

“What is not creative is boring.” Nicolay Berdyaev “What’s the use of a book, without pictures and conversations?” Alice in…

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Santa Claus

Hello, December! This is a picture of Santa Claus drawn especially for my coloring book Merry Christmas for Merry People….

Want for Christmas
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30 Things I Want For Christmas

What do I want for Christmas? Christmas has got a special vibe for all the children in the world. It…

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Some Thoughts on Planning and Fickleness

Even in the world of creative writing there are two types of writers: Plotters and Pantsers. The Plotter is one…

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Wild and Ordinary Stuff For Roomies To Do Together

No, they are not lovers, but they do fancy each other. To the point that they share a dwelling, full…

The Avengers
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Why Action Movies Suck?

I just watched the Avengers, starring Tom Hiddleston. I feel burdened. Needless to say, I watched it to treat myself…

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Past Lives

Is there Life after death? Are there past lives? The five world’s major religions give different answers to this question….

tai lopez
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Lady F and Tai Lopez Discussing How Does Life Work

I received a letter from Mr. Tai Lopez today, and I find it is the perfect subject to start a discussion….

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Bullet Journal

  The most important reason you need a journal is that it adds organization in your life. Doodle. Make it…

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Christmasy Random Acts of Kindness

Do you believe in elves and fairies? Something good in everything you see? This Christmas you can perform random acts…

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A Routine Which Works For Me

If you want to achieve something meaningful in your life you have to invest a lot of time and efforts….

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How to Be Productive and Overcome Procrastination?

Ninety-five per cent of college students find it hard to overcome procrastination and they are not the only ones suffering…

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Working As A Freelancer

Howsoever one maybe enthusiastic about freelancing, it is also an occupation that is very capricious. The main reason for this…

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How Does the Fashion Style Speak of a Lady’s Sexual Behavior?

The Lady in Red Hardly any color gives a man more enthusiasm. It seems it affects, in the same way,…

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The Ecological Personality

The Ecological Personality And His Story The lecture I have prepared is about exterminating of biological species by man. It…

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How To Treat Grandma

How To Treat Grandma? This morning my grandma was ready to cry crocodile tears in her morning cup of coffee….

your heart
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Follow Your Heart

Why Following Your Heart Is So Important? The heart is one of our most flexible muscles. It can be broken…