flirt at the office
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Flirt At the Office – Yes or No?

Well, should married, or enamored people never work together? Should you ignore your feelings at work, or simply be free…

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On Being Needy

A woman in a relationship often exhibits certain neediness. It all comes from feeling a little insufficient and inadequate to…

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The Men I Have No Chance With

Michael Jackson On a regular basis, police officers had to drag the bodies of young women, who fainted from ecstasy…

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day 2018

A video, with which Lady F wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day…

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When Do You Think You Are In Paradise

When love is burning They say paradise is not a place. It is a feeling. I am quite positive it…

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Dying From Jealousy

Lady F, I am dying from jealousy, what should I do? When your crush innocently tosses in the conversation that…

the perfect date
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22 Ideas for the Perfect Date

Cuddling in bed, pizza and a Disney marathon. It’s cold outside, both of you are wearing long, knitted socks and…

love somebody
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How Do You Feel When You Love Somebody Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Poets would put it that way: “Lips lifeless should not respond to lips burning with the best blood of the…

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Romance in December

Make it a December to remember! Second only to St Valentine’s the Christmas holiday is the most romantic time of…

what women do men like
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What Women Do Men Like

Men like women. In all qualities and quantities, men like women. Tall or small, they like them, rich and poor…

blind date
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A Blind Date

On a blind date one of two possible scenarios can take effect. Both individuals like each other, they go for…

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If There Be Sorrow

“If There Be Sorrow Let it be For things Undone Undreamed Unrealized Unattained To these add one: Love withheld Restrained”…

meeting your ex
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Meeting Your Ex

Why meeting your ex sucks? Meeting your ex is not the best of experiences. Normally, there is this bitterness between…

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What Men Do Women Like?

At least the female point of view… The Hero “I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero till…

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11 Common Misconceptions About Love

It has to be requited. Noooo, it can be just as good as a solitary experience, in some cases even…

the spark
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The Spark: Falling Into Him

But how does one fall in love? What does falling into him mean? It’s called “a spark.” You cannot write…

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Curvy Like A Violin

It seems curvy women generate more romantic interest in men. Compare a voluptuous, passionate woman, shaped like a Guitar Center,…

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Orgasm Relieves Stress

I like to say: “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.” It feels wonderfully well for very good reasons….