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How To Have Sex With A Cancerian

She can be really shy and she will simply not take the initiative, before being predisposed. She is the synonym…

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Aries And Cancer Compatibility Tale

After his wonderful relationship with Julienne Saint-Yves, the Gemini Goddess, Jean Claude, the Aries needed consolation. So he went to…

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How To Have Sex With A Gemini?

Prepare for dirty whispers. This woman is verbally communicative in bed as well, and she loves small talk and laughing…

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The Handsome And Smart Musician Interviewed by LF

Kosta‘s Interview Kosta, There are said to be two types of people: when the first type enters a room, they…

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The Tart Girl

Who the Heck is the Tart? The Tart of Tarts. They are always dolled up and very trendy, noticeable, discernible…

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How To Have Sex With A Taurus

The Taurus woman has got a whole boudoir entirely to herself, with huge mirrors, candles and powder-puffs, long gloves, scarves,…

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Lady F Interviewed By The Handsome And Smart Musician Kosta

Questions for Lady F So tell me, Lady F… How often do guys hit on you? Very often, but unfortunately…

Snowy Evening
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A Winter Tale

A Winter Tale with a favorite Winter Poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening A Winter Tale BY ROBERT…

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Astrological Symbols

Symbols emanate love…

To Pay The Bill
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Does He Have To Pay The Bill?

What Do You Think Ladies – Does He Have To Pay The Bill? Now, if her daddy is rich, Take…

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Gemini Celebrities

Prince Nicole Kidman Marilyn Monroe Laurence Olivier Johnny Depp Che Guevara Angelina Jolie

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Aries – Gemini Compatibility Tale

The next day Jean Claude met Julienne Saint-Yves at the city library. She was cheerful and had delicate arms, a…

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Aries – Taurus Compatibility Tale

Once upon a time, there lived a magnificent male specimen with the Sun in Aries, who was called: Jean-Claude. He…

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Fire Element Basics

“I threw myself into that fire, threw myself into it, into him, and let myself burn.” ― Sarah J. Maas,…

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Love Or Just Passion
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A Quiz: Is It Love Or Just Passion?

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Famous Tauruses

Audrey Hepburn Barbra Streisand Al Pacino Joseph Heller Leonardo Da Vinci Sigmund Freud Fred Astaire