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The Man Who Doesn’t Get Lucky

This man is notoriously good, smart, and genuine. He buys you coffee and treats you right. He is of reproductive…

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The Men I Have No Chance With

Michael Jackson On a regular basis, police officers had to drag the bodies of young women, who fainted from ecstasy…

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30 Things I Want For Christmas

What do I want for Christmas? Christmas has got a special vibe for all the children in the world. It…

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Christmasy Random Acts of Kindness

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Чистата магия – Презентация

Ще открадна нещо от легендарната разказвачка Шехерезада – ще ви разкажа как започва Чистата магия – само началото. Тя започва…

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How To Write An E-book?

Why do people love e-books so much? They are handy – you can download an ebook and open it with…

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About is an amusement park for ladies. Packed with good style and original opinions it is dedicated to sensitive women….

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I Love, I Hate – Writing Exercise

If you want to be a writer, you should get used to writing all kinds of lists. Here is a…

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“Home, Sweet Home” Project

How to start an Interior Design Project Everyone loves living around beauty, but beauty means different things to different people….

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Lady F and Yana – the Goddess Ruling Over Countless Worlds

She’s a storyteller, a passionate person and a goddess ruling over countless worlds. Stories have existed since the dawn of…

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End of the day, I am listening to unbearably beautiful music, selecting my next favorite song, which I still haven’t…

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Fairy Stories: The Bench

When Dew Lilycome first snatched at her bottom, Isabelle Dazzlesparkle stopped in her tracks. It was a seductive summer night,…

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The Blue House

Day  1 – Setting At first glance – it was a place remarkable. When your eyes get used to the…

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Kiss and Tell: Lady F’s First Love

When I am asked about my first love, I am usually perplexed, because I have loved plenty of times, and…

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Kiss and Tell: Lady F – My Karma Cafe

What will I get served in My Karma Cafe? There are no menus. You get served what you deserve. My…

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Lady F and MystrD Talking About The Weather

MystrD has always been a deeply philosophical person, insatiably curious about the mysteries of life. Even now he can recall…

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Easter: Great Attitude – Great Day

Today is one of the greatest days of the year – Easter Day – and we greet each other with…

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Adoring Tarren Ravaren – the Lovemaking Scene

“Please make love to me!” It so happened that their minds were linked with the heavy trust of their amorous…