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Day Two – A Total Failure

I have a confession to make: I ate some chips and chocolate today. It was after I had a rich…

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21.01.2021 – One Day, Or Day One?

What is a weight loss journey without someone to share the joys and the tribulations with? The Weight Loss Buddy…

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Lady F and Ani Winter in a Head-Spinning Interview

“Hey there, beautiful! If you need some good company, someone to talk with who will truly listen to you and…

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Lady F and Yana – the Goddess Ruling Over Countless Worlds

She’s a storyteller, a passionate person and a goddess ruling over countless worlds. Stories have existed since the dawn of…

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Santa Claus

Hello, December! This is a picture of Santa Claus drawn especially for my coloring book Merry Christmas for Merry People….

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Dear Diary, I am still hot and heavy since yesterday. I was melting in a dance with a guy, who…

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End of the day, I am listening to unbearably beautiful music, selecting my next favorite song, which I still haven’t…

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Fairy Stories: The Bench

When Dew Lilycome first snatched at her bottom, Isabelle Dazzlesparkle stopped in her tracks. It was a seductive summer night,…

French for Pleasure
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I feel so charged and awesome. It’s been the first day since the lockdown, when I hang out with one…

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The day starts as obligatory with a mug of warm water and discussing my current physical shape with M. To…

14 May
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14 May 2020

Dear Diary, I haven’t done this since high-school. In those days, I loved writing secret letters to myself every single…

Blue House
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The Blue House

Day  1 – Setting At first glance – it was a place remarkable. When your eyes get used to the…

First Love
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Kiss and Tell: Lady F’s First Love

When I am asked about my first love, I am usually perplexed, because I have loved plenty of times, and…

my karma cafe
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Kiss and Tell: Lady F – My Karma Cafe

What will I get served in My Karma Cafe? My Karma Cafe is situated in a sensuous and beautiful world…

karma cafe
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Kiss And Tell: MystrD in the Karma Cafe

I was asked by LadyF to imagine a cafe where there’s no menu, instead, it’s a karma cafe and you…

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Lady F and MystrD Talking About The Weather

MystrD has always been a deeply philosophical person, insatiably curious about the mysteries of life. Even now he can recall…

Magic of Giving
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Guest Post by MystrD – The Magic Of Giving

How often have you yearned and pined for the perfect guy, who will love and adore you, treat you like…

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Easter: Great Attitude – Great Day

Today is one of the greatest days of the year – Easter Day – and we greet each other with…