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Okay, my blog comes in two editions. Once upon a time, when my blogging journey started back in 2016 I relished in the beauty of words. Which is why I have written about 500 blog posts that are genuinely beautiful, but they do not solve a problem, or to paraphrase it: they do not have a desired outcome. I was in the midst of my forties back then and I didn’t know the delight in being useful and needed by others – some people never discover it. So, I have the gift to express myself beautifully and that’s what I did, and I never questioned who needs to read my ramblings about love, sex, life, health, travel, mythology, psychology, or coziness.

Don’t get me wrong – these are all beautiful posts on meaningful subjects. But I think it’s a new era of my development. Like Picasso, who used to have blue and pink periods, there was a time in my life, when I was quite focused on myself, and now my focus seems to have shifted on other people. But I still value the retro version of myself. Which is why the old posts can nowadays be found in the menu below LoveBooklet Club, right under Vintage LoveBooklet. They are nicely categorized and I will be selecting the best of them and placing them in the Menu category of Boutique LoveBooklet right under the Lady’s Realms.

The Vintage LoveBooklet posts come in the following categories:

Dating and Sex




Health & Weight Loss







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