30 Things I Want For Christmas

What do I want for Christmas? Christmas has got a special vibe for all the children in the world. It is the time when people who share the same dreams, gather together to celebrate the Birth of the Lord. Here is a list of all the things I have ever wanted to get for Christmas.

  1. A Christmas tree decorated with hand-made ornaments, all symbolic of the great holiday
  2. A box of pralines with different taste – caramel, cinnamon, mint, and nuts…
  3. To whirl in a dance with a balanced, cheerful and spiritual gentleman.
  4. To lose a game of chess with a passionate gamer.
  5. A dancing peacock in a love period.
  6. A cheerful monkey who loves cats.
  7. A luxurious fan made by the latest Parisian fashion.
  8. A little puppy coming from a box with a red ribbon.
  9. A music box with a slowly turning ballerina on its lid.
  10. A box for jewels, with your portrait, mon amour.
  11. A finished and decent novelette in the romantic genre.
  12. A flat renovation, which makes Mom smile.
  13. An occasion to take off my salsa shoes and dance on my toes.
  14. A new pair of salsa shoes for that matter…(yes, I am female as well)
  15. To have a ride in Santa’s sleigh
  16. And pat Rudolf by the head
  17. To make insolent suitors happy without the need to give them what they want
  18. To write a work of collaboration with a noble partner from a high society
  19. To whisper in the ear of an elf.
  20. To weave around my finger a curly lock.
  21. To kiss under the mistletoe with someone I love.
  22. A sip of anisette followed by an ardent kiss.
  23. A charity that is done in the Christmas Spirit.
  24. A song by a bard in my right ear.
  25. A Kizomba dance around the Christmas Tree
  26. A wonderful read by Jude Deveraux or Nora Roberts.
  27. A new job.
  28. A lot of hanging out with friends.
  29. Your grace.
  30. Something borrowed something blue…

Most of all: Christmas isn’t Christmas without my family! I love you and I want to share a cup of holiday cheer with you!


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