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Introduction: For those who want to be wise, smart, productive and healthy – Tiny Buddha is a well-written and immersive blog. It is genuine wisdom offered by talented bloggers on an overwhelming number of topics. If you decide to make the most of your experience with this blog – it can entertain you for years and you may discover among other things, how to not waste your life.



  • Change and Challenges
  • Happiness and Fun
  • Healthy Habits
  • Letting Go
  • Love and Relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Mindfulness and Peace
  • Purpose and Passion

The reason I love this blog is that just like LoveBooklet it tries to cover every important topic in a woman’s life. Lori Deschene really has an opinion about everything, and she has sorted out her wisdom in quotes in so many categories it’s hard to even list them. She is also the author of several books – all of which are about love, wisdom, and gratitude – targeted at people who want to be the best versions of themselves. This quote list is copied directly from Tiny Buddha’s website and the image links to the blog post there.

Supporters: Having such a vast niche and so many faithful followers requires support from other bloggers – yes – even you. The project is so huge, that you can also submit a blog post of your own and take part in the fun – there are detailed and demanding submission guidelines. As a contributor, you receive some publicity in the form of an About Widget, right below your approved post, which can contain your picture and some links you pride yourself on. Guest blog posts are celebrated on Tiny Buddha, because Lori wants to propose different viewpoints to her audience. So many diverse writers sharing their perspectives guarantee there is something for every taste. Not only viewpoints, but actionable propositions of what can you do to improve your current situation – in every aspect of life. Seriously, people share so much free information on Tiny Buddha, that no seminar can offer.

There are conditions under which you can quote a Tiny Buddha’s post in your own blog – find how in the Frequently Asked Questions Section. Right on the “About page” the blog will kindly offer a fancy widget, just in case you need to display some wisdom in your blog posts every day.

Adorers: Tiny Buddha comes with a wonderful community of fans, but I have to say you can wait for moderation for a really long time.

Free Resources: Tiny Buddha offers support to struggling people. It features a list of well-selected resources about all those addictions and disorders that trouble contemporary civilization. It is a place of thankful notes and smiles, but it is also a place where you can find help and compassion if you are in a difficult situation.

Quotes: This blog offers wonderful insights from spiritually evolved people.

“If your vision of your life centers on your highest values, you will be aligned with your dharma far above everyday existence. Whatever the values are—love, creativity, service, spiritual growth, beauty, or whatever you choose—dedicating yourself to the highest values unites purpose and inner growth as nothing else can.” ~Deepak Chopra

Marketing Strategy: On the Tiny Buddha’s FaceBook Page, one can delight in a wonderful mixture of images and inspirational quotes. Creative images, deep, eloquent, impelling quotes, that move your heart and incite your brain, that tell you to keep going even if you have just found you are going astray. If you subscribe to the blog – you get access to three magnificent wallpapers, and a challenge to a healthier you.

Conclusion: Tiny Buddha is as supportive as your morning coffee, it’s heaven for ladies, who love to indulge in mindfulness and strive for wellness. So whenever you feel like you want to get better in any aspect, or improve your life in any area – that’s your place – submerge in the infinite wisdom of Tiny Buddha’s authors. Tiny Buddha’s Facebook page is full of precious gems of wisdom. It is a great place for ladies who love fortune cookies with their coffee.

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Founder: Lori Deschene
Niche: Wellness, Inspiration, Mindfulness and Happiness
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