How Do You Handle Pressure

One who procrastinates knows what pressure is. The need to finish the entire project until yesterday can really make your life tense.

In order to have no pressure, you must live without a single care in the world – no tribulations, no expectations, no plans.

But why defy pressure?

I am very positive about pressure – for it makes things hard, and hard things are interesting. Also, your ability to react positively to pressure actually equals your level of spiritual development. For there are people who are always positive about most of the things – and they are the most evolved among us. Pressure provides for the human evolution – for the washing machine would have never been invented if we didn’t feel some pressure from having to wash our clothes.

However, there is one aspect of pressure, which is not recommended it to anybody, and that’s called stress. Here is what you can do about it:

Physical activity is good.

Stroll the boulevards with a hot cup of coffee on a cloudy autumn day and delight in the dampness of the fall. Making out is the best form of physical activity if you can provide that for yourself. Cooking, baking bread – also physical, plus they provide good results.

Surround yourself with kind, calm, lovable, positive people.

Half of the time your mood reflects your immediate environment – physical and spiritual. You can call your best friend and go eat sushi, and after that soufflé and then, by all means, drink Elder lemonade – all this should make you feel good about yourself. Call your bestie and paint the town red.

Do not be so hard on yourself.

Usually, the “blue” days are the days without achievement, when you have been feeling low and desperate, life is not perfect at all, you feel forlorn or guilty for you have been into a fight…your flame didn’t show up at the party. Relax – it can only get better. Everything will pass, just give it a little time, and treat yourself continental breakfast, even better – share it with a loved one.

Being grateful is a habit.

“Dear God, thank you for everything, I have no complaints, whatsoever!” – is really a good prayer. For God has given to you faith, hope and love, and also joy…why would you have complaints – with these spiritual tools you can manifest anything. Yes, you can!

Tell people you love them

Often, you think “I love you” when you speak to someone, and you hear a little voice within, which asks you to give vent to your thoughts, for everyone deserves to hear that they are loved the entire time.

Celebrate what is good

Okay. You don’t need to read the criminal news. You don’t want this negativity in your life. Instead focus on things that are wonderful and divine – like yourself, your home, your health, your creativity, your love life…etc. Take care of yourself and your life – anxiety, and pressure will soon subside.

Listen to your heart

When you want to treat an old woman with a pizza – approach her without hesitation. Your mind will tell you something like “what the heck you are doing, you will insult the cute, old lady,” but you must listen to your heart at all times. Only this brings miracles in your life, miracles and dreams come true.


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