Romance is like a weed – it sprouts when you least expect it and without any effort on your side. Suddenly, this person is on your soul’s focus and it seems he is going to be there for good. You have a hard time explaining to others why that is so – don’t they see that he is insanely beautiful in all aspects? Are they blind for his true beauty? The causes of love are often unexplainable. The pink glasses of romance let you see the enlightened version of the person in the light of your own being.

Is Romance A Waste of Your Time?

According to the wisest person, who ever lived – there is time for everything under the Sun: “a time to love and a time to hate.” So at some point after the honeymoon – you open your eyes next to the person you “love” and you discover, that as Oscar Benton sings: “the best days of your love are dead and gone,” and when you kiss goodnight, you find that since “you’re sharing the same bed, you’re not sharing the same dreams anymore.” Do you know what makes life work afterward? A spiritual connection! Passion has subsided, and now your lover is your best friend and your common tasks are to fuel your relationship constantly with gestures, compromises, and enthusiasm. Your relationship now depends on your spiritual level of accepting and accommodating the other person, as your dear friend, as someone on whom you will bestow your grace, your compassion, and your empathy and if you manage to do this – even sultrier nights shall come.

Does Romance Cause You Stress?

Falling in love is the easy part, but staying in love is a penal servitude.  It is not about deliberate gestures – but about maintaining spontaneity in the relationship – which is something inherent to all kids and adult people, who are in love with themselves.

Romance feels so good, that an eternal honeymoon will keep your brain constantly stressed from endorphins. Have you been so in love that you feel your happiness has hit the ceiling and it is hard to bear that? That makes being in love so addictive and indulgent. Your wishes melt your heart. Your hormones blast you in heaven…too much of a good thing can be wonderful!

When you are in love you are definitely out of your comfort zone in a positive way, and that’s good because it means you are growing.

Romance Is Crucial To Your Well-Being. Learn Why:

Madonna sings: “Until I learned to love myself, I was never ever loved by anybody else.” I believe that in order to perceive a person romantically or unconditionally your self-esteem is more critical than anything else.

It’s what makes you love the air he breathes, the earth that he steps upon and the girls he dances with. It’s what elevates you in your daily round in such a way, you feel like you are levitating five meters above the ground and you are “dancing like a dervish…”

So, speak of love, and speak silently, because of the poets of this world have suffered from romance, and have created their most beautiful words, and they haven’t even done justice to their sublime feelings.

Here Is A Quick Cure For Romance

In the age of Romanticism, dying “from love” was almost epidemic. Compared to the thrills which romance brings, unconditional love is awfully underrated. Advanced lovers develop a romantic relationship with the surrounding world – family, old people and little animals give them the same enthusiastic refreshment as the people who are “perfection to them, tailored by the heavens exactly for their needs.” I am not telling you not to be very picky, but at a certain spiritual level, you can at all times bestow anyone with the privilege to be your soul mate. Of course, you don’t want to – for you can not possibly take care of too many relationships – since the romantic soul mainly wants. After you have changed your mentality from being needy to receive to being needy to give, things start to happen as you wish.

How To Respond To This Bewitchment Called Romance?

The best way to deal with a temptation is to give in to it…Often you have felt so forlorn at times, that when you meet your next love interest your first thought is preventive: “I will not fall in love with him.” But that’s not true. I believe it is not your decision, it is the universe conspiring to make you happy, to test you, to award you generously and to please your soul well.


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