The Man Who Doesn’t Get Lucky

This man is notoriously good, smart, and genuine.

He buys you coffee and treats you right. He is of reproductive age and has got a decent income.

But there is a drama in his entire adult life: He just does not get any.

He is so unlucky that in case he is asked to take part in a porn production, he will have to play the man, who goes out for work.

He is looking for the right person. His mood is romantic, he wants to write poems about love, women, and fidelity – so he is sitting at home looking for words that rhyme with “bitch.”

When he gets ignored – he walks away and calls this “self-respect.”

He buys himself a T-Shirt, which says: “Sorry ladies, I am already like a brother to someone else.”


This may seem funny, but it is a serious problem. It happens to good people – people who deal with charity. He is sort of a philosopher, he is politically engaged, he is the kindest person on Earth and he does not get laid.

Solution: Religion.

No, I am messing with you!

Date a desperate woman. She may not be the perfectly tended flower, but if you get her out of her depression and solve her spiritual problems, she will love you and she will be incredibly grateful. Besides, the ugly duckling can blossom into a swan, once her life is bettered. It is incredible how people rise in love. The chick, who can have anyone will not pay attention to you – unless she is in a period of her life when she suffers a lot.

But this is lovely.

In fact, you win the chance to raise your woman and that is an incredible adventure. You shouldn’t think of her as a low aim, in fact meditating on her will reveal to you that she is a wonderful human being. What else does a man need, when there is a woman, who calls him “a hero” on regular basis? Deserve her and make her deserve you – such are the conditions of an incredible partnership.


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