I Love, I Hate – Writing Exercise

If you want to be a writer, you should get used to writing all kinds of lists. Here is a psychological, writing exercise, which serves to explore your nature and the things you feel strongly about. Those are the things you can explore in your writings with passion and commitment. They are a significant part of your system of values, which is also your biggest strength not only as a writer but as a human being. Copy the questions, without the answers and make your own list. Enjoy the process of discovering some of your most inherent writing themes with this exercise.

I love

  • To travel, because it makes me rich
  • To eat nice food, because it’s good for my body
  • To create, since I have got talent and I have got no choice
  • To write, since I cannot stop doing that
  • To paint, since I am quite good at it
  • To dance, because I want to get back in shape
  • To read, because it makes me smarter
  • To exercise, because it makes me exhilarated and toned
  • To crave, because it makes me strive
  • Journaling, because I like to remember
  • Teaching, because I like helping people
  • Cooking, because I am a kitchen fairy
  • Learning, since I need to get better every single day
  • Communication, since I can’t live without the others
  • Parties, since I am young at heart
  • Magic, because it is miraculous
  • Sensuality, because it is innate for me
  • Music, because it is delightful
  • Christmas, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year
  • Fairies, because they are enchanting
  • Nature, because it is so perfect
  • Muffins, because they are 100 percent happiness
  • Productivity, because I like to “fill the running minute with 60 worthy seconds”
  • Waterfalls, because they are so lovely
  • Being in love, because it comes so naturally to me

I hate

  • Ignorance, because it doesn’t give people a chance
  • Godlessness, because it is loveless
  • Violence, because it is ugly
  • Cruelty, because it breaks the human spirit
  • Coldness, because it is comfortless
  • Idleness, because it is a waste of time
  • Laziness, because it gives no chances for the future
  • Going to the Dentist, for obvious reasons
  • Black Magic, because it is unreasonable
  • Fashion, because it is so intolerable

I am attracted to

  • Good Dancers, because they are so sexy
  • Nobility, because it is rare and lordlike
  • Good Manners, because they are so irresistible
  • Good Tone, because it melts my heart
  • Talent, because it is distinguishing
  • Soul Qualities, because they are the most important
  • Charm, because it takes self-confidence to cultivate
  • Passion, because it’s important to have it
  • Humor, because it’s so hot
  • Creativity, because it’s divine
  • Unicorns, because they are so benevolent

I need

  • Love, because it is my universe
  • Creativity, because I want to express myself
  • Good Mood, because you can’t help anyone without it
  • Calmness, because it is angelical
  • Politeness, because it makes me glad
  • Rest, because it is divine intervention

I am afraid of

  • Death, although it is inevitable
  • Natural Disasters, because we can’t control them
  • Failures, because they bring me down
  • Depression, because it’s heartless
  • Nightmares, because they are like horror movies

I get shivers from

  • Stress, because it is hard to handle
  • Jealousy, because it makes me feel insecure

I feel strongly about

  • Love – it is the single subject on which I can perform for at least a few hours without preparation of any sort.
  • Writing – it’s my job, my hobby, and my entertainment.

Now that you’ve made that list, here is another writing exercise. Consider your next book. Draw a box on a sheet of paper and on the inside, write about what needs to be in your book. On the outside, write what mustn’t be in the book. You will get an even clearer vision of what to write about.


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