Christmasy Random Acts of Kindness

Do you believe in elves and fairies? Something good in everything you see?

This Christmas you can perform random acts of kindness like Santa’s little helpers. Dedicate yourself to the happiness of your loved ones and celebrate an unforgettable Christmas.

Take a walk in December

The cold pinches your nose and your rosy cheeks. The wind carries you; the snow slips under your feet. You contemplate people who live in Siberia and the Great Russian Winter. You carry a fragrant cup of your favorite coffee. The pavement is thrilled with joy at the familiar steps. You feel the love of the cool wind. It is cold like cold sex. You walk with a smile in the corner of your mouth and spread the love energy into space…

It’s good to care for your health – be kind to yourself. Your body loves the movement of walking, your mind loves the shiny, sunny and snowy, city boulevards, and your heart is pleased with the experience of delight. A man is a man when he is on his way. Strolling around the city is one of the best ways to spend quality time with you and relieve yourself from stress. So put on a Santa hat and walk, walk and smile and wave to strange people, even have small talk with them, if they should approach you – be friendly and generous and spread the good mood.

Bake cookies for the family

Muffins and tea promise an amazing time for you and your Beloved ones. Tea is pure liquid magic – it changes you into a jolly holiday lover with the first fragrant sip. Where there is tea, there is hope. The traditional gingerbread cookies taste of Christmas good cheer. Treat the family and the neighbors, take some treats to your workplace, and don’t forget the poor. Coffee cookies with Baileys Frosting, how does that sound to your palate? Soft and chewy, chocolate dipped, perfect pure sugar cookies, served with a hot cappuccino. Cookies shaped like Christmas trees, and stars and snowmen, and hearts and mistletoe…oh! Isn’t gourmet food one of your favorite things about the holidays? Hot chocolate is like a hug on the inside…

Hand out flowers in the street

Buy roses. Watch out for a beautiful young girl, who is walking downtown with her mom. Stop both and ask the mother, if you can be introduced to her daughter. Tell the mother she looks much like her daughter. Tell them both they are pretty. As the song goes – you want some red roses for a blue lady, and if she likes them, you will return to the florist and buy his most expensive orchid for her wedding gown. Spread the romantic spirit of Christmas by making a lassie happy.

Give out free hugs

Hugs are free so give them out. You need hugs daily for your spiritual survival, all people do. It’s not only for romantic lovers – you can hug the people you quarrel with on a daily basis. Or you can stand in the street and hug strangers – most of them react beautifully. While you are doing this you may also feed the pigeons and smile at really attractive beauties in their lavish scarves and hats, who feel really Christmasy. Hug everyone and everything spiritually – embrace the season.

Who knows, it could be the day when you will hug destiny.

Say the magic words: please and thank you!

Every child is raised with these magic words – the basic etiquette of humanity. These words truly open the gates of iron. Like Alice in Wonderland, you have to be courteous to all “high or low, grand or grotesque, King or Caterpillar, even as though you were yourself a King’s heir and your clothing of wrought gold.”

Hold the door for someone

Because you are unique…polite and mannered and all of this makes you a good catch. Honorable gentlemen used to hold the door open for ladies. Perhaps it is a little old-fashioned, but it is still beautiful to those who value courtesy.

Write notes on the fridge

Christmas is the time to give a little love and spread joy.  It is time to notice little things about your family and recognize the sweet stuff they do without realizing it. When you stick little notes on the fridge for them or love notes – that’s the greatest generosity – attention. Among the reminders for your daily chores, the magnets from your travels and the picture of a really fit lady, place a hand-written note that celebrates your family: “Every day I am thankful for you!”

Give fair compliments

Tell your Mom she is lovely and pretty when she smiles. Everybody is, so cheer them up with Christmas songs and funny jokes, and don’t forget to compliment them: on their clothes, their meals, and their friendly disposition. After all, Christmas is not Christmas without your loved ones – so employ this special time of the year to make them feel special, and show a little kindness.

Make cards or draw pictures

Most people really love pictures and photographs. Tested with time, a painting is still among the best Christmas gifts one can receive. To do this, you must be super kind, for most painters are in love with their paintings and do not feel like parting with them.

Get creative. Christmas inspires everybody. Snowmen and divas in Christmas attires, reindeer and Santa, sleighs with presents…the family gathered around the tree, opening presents…and your own naïve Christmas poetry. Making cards is a pleasant and creative activity, especially when you imagine those smiles… By all means, send the card in an old-fashioned way. Everyone loves the knock of the postman. At Christmas, everyone you love craves your kindness.

Make a list of things you are thankful for

“And the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…”

“The flickering shadows of love on her blind”

Love letters and good luck, good men and women, the songs of the nightingale,  terribly wonderful music, and your wildest dreams.

Place a dollar into a book in the library

Write a note:

“Ok, yeah, it’s just a dollar, but now it is your dollar – when you find it, do something nice for the next person you see.”

Sign below and draw a doodled heart.

Help People Cook

Cooking together is a pleasant challenge. Especially if you and your loved ones have different opinions on how much ginger and curry to put into your culinary masterpiece. Cooking brings people together to create something delicious. It reconciles people – especially baking the bread and the traditional pastry is sacred. If you are at a home-based party don’t forget to assist the host – kindness makes very good impression. Making food is actually half the holiday fun – even if it is only mashed potatoes for two:

Knit a hat for a homeless person

Do you know the craft? Knit some smiles for the holiday season by creating the perfect December gift. Make it fancy by adding a tassel. Make it beautifully designed, fresh, inspiring – kindness worthy of your favorite people in the world.

One more thing

Place mistletoes all around the house and blissfully sink into a kiss, whenever you get the chance. It is one of the most beautiful holiday traditions, the chance to touch sacred lips with your sacred lips – it reminds us of all the goodness and beauty in the world…in the form of this special someone.


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