“Home, Sweet Home” Project

How to start an Interior Design Project

Everyone loves living around beauty, but beauty means different things to different people. Beauty is simultaneously the most subjective and the most universal concept. We love the beauty of nature and cities – which is why travel fuels us, the beauty of manners and style – which is why we like communication with sophisticated people, the beauty of art and traditions, of simplicity and truth, of cleanliness and luxury. All of these create splendor in our lives and splendor, according to James Ray, is our birth right.

I am extremely happy to announce my new project: Home, Sweet Home. I am going to personally explore the secrets of Interior Design, especially those who resonate with my perceptions of beauty, coziness and harmony and I will apply them to my new home.  I will start the project by listing my needs and wants in order to learn about what makes me happy and sparks joy in my home.

How do I want to live?

I want to live like a princess. Surrounded by beauty and glory, in a place where every cell is filled with rapture and joy. I want to throw huge parties and literature reading events – which means everything must meticulously find its place. I am into lavish decors, illustrations and photos, bone china with floral patterns, different teas and insense sticks, candles and flowers.  I want to have many magnets on my fridge – from exotic places.

Most of all, I would like to live in harmony with my family – which means conforming to their tastes as well. My sister for instance likes expensive stuff, is pretty much focused on the details, likes eclectic style, and things which look “normal.” My mother likes pastel tones and coziness, unobtrusive colors and things a bit modern and simplistic. I am into retro and shabby chic style, I appreciate everything that is exotic, colorful and vibrant and has its story.

What brings joy to my life?

Things which inspire me – like books, chandeliers, vintage luxury phones.  Things which serve me well – like  the coffee machine. I love experimenting with painting and I would love to arrange my pictures all around the place. I think I will find great delight in playing with decoupage. I am in love with bright, warm colors, as well as turqouise – I would love to live in a place, which shines like Santorino, a place with a fireplace, which warms my heart. Maybe a small fountain and a cozy bureau on which I will be able to draw and paint – nowadays, I don’t have enough space for this.

What’s important to me?

It’s important to me to not place something in my home that irritates my eye to the extent that I simply hate it. I want my home to be a magical, a miraculous place and please the eyes well. I also need to have my personal space – which means at least one of the rooms will be dedicated to me. I need place to work out and meditate, something as a small home office and a small garden on the terrace. Most important of all – my home white cat.


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