Why Is Change So Hard?

When you are after an achievement

People say, in order to turn an activity into a habit – you have to repeat it every day in the course of 21 days (some say 90). If this time has not passed – it is very probable for you to return to your old ways. Let’s say you want to change your lifestyle from sedentary to slightly active. What makes this even possible? Motivation does!

They say that Motivation has got three elements:

  1. The decision to do something – which is really the easy part – all of us want to get slimmer, happier and more beautiful, and get pretty presents, and guys go berserk when they see us.
  2. The amount of effort that goes into it – now what are you practically ready to do? How much time will you spend exercising? Mind that it is going to be a true battle! Your body is not used to it, which is worse – your mind is not used to it either – it will try to opt out the entire time.
  3. Next: How long can you Repeat the Effort – that goes without saying, the most effective component of motivation is perseverance.

Basically – change requires all of the above. Most of the people never decide to do something because they are too afraid of failure – so fear of failure always stands in your way to change. Truth is doubt is the killer of motivation – much more than failure. You should never think that you are unable to achieve your dream.

You can!

Jim Rohn says: “Dreams get you started, discipline keeps you going.” Determination sooner or later brings about satisfaction.

When you have to cope with circumstances

Let’s say someone is missing from your life. Someone who you have considered beautiful in all aspects, necessary for your happiness, a person you really need. That sort of feelings stay, even if the person is gone for various reasons. What really helps is to think he is in a better place. You love him, so you hope and believe for him that he is on the perfect track of his life.  You know for certain, that sooner or later, he will come your way again – as Richard Bach says – for true friends meet again – after five minutes or after a few lifetimes. Don’t think your life is over – for fortune has got a surprise for you!

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