LoveBooklet and Its Wonderful Virtues

What feminine stuff inspires you? LoveBooklet is a place for women who like to read, flirt, and live their lives in the most hedonistic way. These women fall in love without the fear that they are going to be heartbroken. No fear can stop them – my readers simply want to have fun. They are admirable in that they can not stop thinking about love and despite everything, are still trying.

Lovebooklet is a virtual theme park for ladies. It touches ladylike matters, such as:

  • How do you get lucky with guys?
  • How to love yourself?
  • What are the emotions of the stars?
  • What Gods and Goddesses grace you?
  • How to achieve vibrant health?
  • How to make a home sweet?
  • Why is traveling so appealing?
  • Why is life so complicated?
  • What can you talk about over a cup of coffee or tea?

I call the blog “The Lady’s Emotional Encyclopedia” because it pretty much tries to cover all the stuff that a self-respecting female periodical will write about. We want to read and talk about health and wellness, about fashion, and beauty, travel, and adventure, art, and creativity, books, and literature, personal development, movies, food, and cooking, relationship, and family, hobbies and interests, learning, home, and lifestyle. We want to know about God, humans, creativity, lovemaking, the world and other fascinating things. Yes, our lives are really that rich and we really have got so many interests it’s hard to even list them. We also have to tackle troubles such as – why some of us are in depression and others fall in love with men who are a bit out of their league. Some of us check our horoscopes but never believe the predictions. Some of us think we are Goddesses of Love, but we never get any. All of us are sensitive. LoveBooklet is an amusement park for sensitive women. It features some very interesting interviews with people, who are not even famous. If you want to be interviewed for the blog – write a note to

I hope you will have as much fun reading LoveBooklet, as I have had while writing it. I am an author and a teacher, I have lots of stories to tell. I reply to your questions at

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