Nothing but Pleasantries

Dear Diary,

I am still hot and heavy since yesterday. I was melting in a dance with a guy, who knows how to move. I can’t get into details about the figure, because even the memory of it makes me feel intense. It took my personal prize for the best Bachata move. I woke up two kilograms lighter. That was one of my rare experiences with really, really sensual bachata. Such delight! I was hardly able to sleep.

The day started as usual with Tea Roibos mixed with Coconut butter, and of course with the daily correspondence. My dashing writing buddy Annie from Malaysia turned out to be originally from Bangladesh, which she considers to be a terrible country. Her native language is English and both her parents are doctors. She listened to them and enrolled in a university to study Computer Science. While all of this is very cool, she really wants to be a writer. I find her soul so pleasant, courteous, and elevated, that she can actually have a great impact on the world. I hope she becomes a great writer. We are getting closer and closer every single day.

She asked how I proceeded with world-building. Oh, how I love world-building! I have invented this beautiful magical planet, with Enchanted Forests, Golden Rivers and Houses made of mushrooms, princesses and kings, royals and their desires, Gods and Goddesses, elves, dwarves, and fairies, and witches, and wizards, and for that matter unicorns, and fairy tale folk. Shapeshifters, magic wands, and sorceresses are welcome, as well as pendants and bracelets of different powers, and swords with names…oh! I discover my world via Pinterest. I have gathered thousands of pictures to illustrate it. All my books take place in the same setting – but I haven’t paid much attention to consistency when I write – so there is illogical geography, history, and culture of the world. Something I fancy for various reasons.

I am making progress in French. Not the language itself, but you know this sweet application – Duolingo. I achieved 5th place in the gem league of I am into – and this means if I keep this position, next week I will advance to the next league and that makes me feel so good about myself! I still can’t say my biography in French, but I can share for instance that I eat bread. Je mange du pain. Je mange aussi des baguettes.

I spoke with my priceless sister about the book and she gave me so many great ideas. I am surprised by how professional the advice of a reader actually is as if I have explained to her the entire theory of writing.  However, the book is still not readable, unfortunately, she wasn’t able to focus on it. She says I read too fast. It’s because I think so fast! There is nothing I can do about it.

Here is a spoiler on my theory of productivity. Instead of writing a list of the tasks you want to do during the day rushing your entire time to perform them – why not write a list in the evening of everything you have done today. It gives you a sense of achievement.


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