The Blue House

Day  1 – Setting

At first glance – it was a place remarkable. When your eyes get used to the initial excitement, you would notice the grey smog clouds roaming above the city and the quite uninteresting blocks on the two sides of the boulevard. But the blue house! Whoever owned it – owned a dream. The red roof looked as if Mary Poppins would just perch on it floating under her black umbrella. The blue color of the house was in that nuance the French people call turquoise, which means “of the Turks.” In front of it, a black artsy lantern made the blue house look even cozier and more pleasant to the eyes…In general, it was a very attractive house, and you were bound for a long time to stare at it.

Day 2 – Character

She was this adorable, vintage lady, she was not simply inspiring, she was the best trip you have had. And in the way she moved and pursed her lips there was something extraordinary. Her crimson lips and her blue eyes smiled at the same time, shining at the world and the world had no chance but to smile back. There was magick and fire in her, and she drew people to her like moths to a flame. She didn’t simply walk, she swam in the space and she didn’t really sit – she perched on the chair. You would fall for her instantly, of that I am certain.

Day 3 – Character Goal

Her life would have been perfect if she wasn’t eternally craving for love. Only her objects of affection changed with time, but the feeling was always sublime and her emotional life was thriving, never mind the ignorance of those included in it. She was the perfect stalker, she would woo her love interest until she died from the effort. But trying hard to be pleasing to her love objects wasn’t the best way to succeed in being so. So, in even with her brilliant and vivid personality, she somehow managed to stay single. Single but enamored. And there was nothing to be done about it…

Day 4 – The Power of Regret

She regretted that extraordinary day she had to leave the Blue house…her beautiful, tranquil place, her personal place of power, her holy cloister. That heavy decision was taken, because everything around – every object, every figment of the life in the Blue House reminded her of him. He was the man who used to faint with jealousy when she danced with someone else. He was the man who gazed at her in the way a kid gazes at his Christmas present. The thought of him decorated all her memories and the Blue House remembered it all. So in order to stop crying she had to move out, it was inevitable, yet the worst decision she had ever taken.

Day 5 – A Mystery

Who bought the Blue House? She was never going to find out. She imagined how the new owner will cuddle under the blankets, which smelled like their enamored bodies. She imagined how the coffee machine will purr, making coffee for a lucky person, who would never relate coffee with a great passion. She hoped that it would be somebody who’s going to treat the Blue House the way it deserves, someone who would celebrate it, drink coffee, eat hot muffins and maybe even make love in it in the sultry summer nights. The blue house wasn’t exactly a place – it was a love relic.

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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