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What will I get served in My Karma Cafe?

karma cafe

My Karma Cafe is situated in a sensuous and beautiful world – maybe that Paris of France, since around 700 of the small coquettish cafes there came into being even before the revolution. So, it’s a small, vintage, affable café with small wooden, carved tables outside under white umbrellas and little kittens roaming about the visitors. I am not visiting Paris alone, but hand in hand with a man, I affectionately call Milord. For we have been together in a previous life, in times of old, when we’ve been lovers noble in both blood lineage and heart. So, we adorn the small street Karma café with the beautiful veil of my hat and with his tight blue T-shirt, which suits his brown eyes head-spinningly.

While awaiting what destiny will serve to us, I am sinking in those beautiful eyes, and his voice to me is more pleasant than the chirping of a nightingale for the woods. He seeks for my eyes the entire time – though I often look down at my skirt and into my neckline, and I stare at my slippers, and I send my looks into the distance above as if I am studying the heavens, anything, but to gaze in his sparkling brown eyes. But our looks often meet and clash like rapiers…he is smiling, I am smiling and we both are on the edge to touch each other, but we know we will be imprisoned if we succumb to the desire flaming in us.

So the waitress comes carrying something unexpected: warm croissants and coffee espresso, freshly baked, ground, and served with delicious foam. She pours for us some creamy milk into the bone porcelain white cup, which looks much like it’s from the personal set of the Jade Emperor. And the coffee smells lovely, its color – unworthy rival of the color of Milord’s eyes. And if there is something I love more than the first sip, that’s listening to him talking. Milord is interested in everything, he just wants to know how the world works, and he is a seeker, with his bright and brilliant mind he illuminates every idea and collects new information with such joy as if he is a little bear gathering berries. Everything is so cool, so merry, so wonderful as if we are reborn…born again…

With you, Milord, I can talk about paint going dry and the conversation would still be interesting. Every word that oozes between your lips is promising delight later, when the night finds us, behind the heavy draperies, in the bed with fluffy pillows and cotton linens. He speaks to me, like a beautiful jewelry box with a ballerina turning upon the lid, every sentence full of grace and beauty, knowledge, power, wisdom and curiosity. I take one more sip of my cup.

A pretty, poorly dressed girl passes by us, carrying roses…he picks for me the rose with the longest stem…a red rose – an apparent expression of love, passion, longing, desire…and when I breathe the scent, I imagine the freshness and purity of his lovemaking. I will submit to this man, when the moon dawns. Right now I just want to sip hot coffee and absorb his intelligent expression and feel the joyful rhythm of his smile setting my pants on fire, each time.

Biting on the croissant, I imagine biting very gently at his lower lip, lips half-open, accepting and giving the Holy Fire of Love. I imagine his full lips fully covering mine, taking my breath and giving it back generously. Yes, tonight we will do as we please. Now shine is on your smiling face, your eyes constantly beg mine, I so much want to offer myself to satiate that desire and adoration. The distance around this small table has suddenly turned into the farthest distance in the world. I imagine a burning halo around my head if you go down on me. I see you even if I close my eyes, you mix with the sunshine and the taste of fresh espresso and a bun with jam.

So, if I am to be served what I deserve in Karma Cafe – I want this: two cups of hot coffee, warm croissants, a long-stem red rose, and most of all – you Milord, my companion, whose lips taste like a box of pralines. I might skip on the dessert and move a little closer to you!

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