Some Epic Ideas For Your Digital Bullet Journal

“What is not creative is boring.”
Nicolay Berdyaev

“What’s the use of a book, without pictures and conversations?”
Alice in Wonderland

Keeping a digital bullet journal is pure practical magic. We use bullet journals to log our activities, but also to inspire ourselves. Nowadays, the creative opportunities of our thinking machines have taken journals and scrapbooks to the next level. You may go as crazy as you want in terms of the artistic stuff you include in your Journal. You will love to play with your virtual daily planner, logging everything that matters to you. That will make you aware of your own productivity. It will boost gratitude. There is practically no limit of originality. Later on, your grandchildren will be excited to trace with punctuality exactly what made your heart pulsate faster, your favorite recipes, who was your beau, and they will also inherit a fabulous collection of selfies.

There has to be a folder somewhere safe on your computer. The folder should be named: Process Log. This folder will contain all your digital bullet journal future files.

Now you want to start with a folder in your Process Log that is called Daily Log.

Use your favorite content creating program, which can save your file in either .pdf or any picture format. Summarize the day. Note if today was the best autumn weather you’ve ever experienced and how you want it to be like this every day. Make sure you mention if you had been on a road trip during the day and make it certain that you mention all the friends starring. Mention if you have had the time to study French, or if you have served coffee to everyone in the house. Stir a little and serve with a hot selfie. Save it with the date instead of a file name. That was it: the daily log.

Make a second folder in Process Log and name it: Main Tasks You have heard the rule of three – even the most diligent and prolific people can’t do more than 3 major tasks daily, so this folder will be the container for all the main tasks that come your way. Here you should write if you have hung out for three hours, or you’ve been deep cleaning and decluttering all the items that do not spark joy. Maybe you worked for 3 hours – log this as well. This folder helps to maintain your focus during the day, so no more than 3 feats a day, but they have to be done with spirit and great work ethics.

Subtasks – those are the less important tasks for the day, but they usually move you forward. So make sure you jot down if you have studied cooked, exercised, shopped, blogged, took a challenge, made a list or performed a beauty ritual. I like to arrange things on a small and affable table which is a lot like this and then fill in the details.

Next in the list is (very important!) the Food Log.
It counts how much calories you have had, for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, and total. To this, you may add the burned calories through sport. You may also add a small table with today’s intake of hot and cool water, tea or coffee. Remember that having 8 cups of water per day improves your lifestyle dramatically.  If you have tried a brand new recipe, it goes to your food log as well – into your Recipe Bank. By all means, place a photo of your meal there as well.

Next, it is time for your spiritual practice. Be it a prayer or an Irish blessing – all that goes into the folder Prayer
Here is a Website with prayers from all over the world, so you may pick the one that resonates with you each day. You can also indulge in meditation and reflect on your experience here.

One of my favorite Folders is: Picture of the Day

If someone close to you happens to be a fantastic photographer, you should really celebrate him by recording his creative efforts for the generations ahead of you.

Document also the Chat of the Day!
You are bound to spend a lot of time procrastinating, at least record the meaningful snippets of chat that made your day. One day you will wake up with a great collection from all your friends.

I also have two more folders, called:

Song of the Day

Video of the Day

After all, keeping a bullet journal is a method of recording all the stuff that happens to you, for later reference. Imagine the Christmas Night, when you and your family will listen to all the Songs of the Day you have collected the entire year.

I highly recommend greeting on a daily basis everyone you love. Also, bid them goodnight in the evening. Let them feel, that under all circumstances you have thought about them for a minute in the beginning and the end of your day. I called this folder:

Good Morning and Good Night

“Good night, good night, parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I can say goodbye till it be morrow!”
 – Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare

Now that you have all those folders (or Trello Boards, or Pinterest Boards) it is time to start recording your life in them. It will give you a feeling of achievement, structure of the day and I promise you will happy to see what wonderful things you have done.

Of course, it is fun to do this in a tangible notebook, with a pen, especially if you are inclined to calligraphy.

But there are things you can’t do in a notebook and in the next part of this booklet; I am going to delve in them. Without further ado, here is the heavy artillery:

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  1. If you struggle with your to-do list (who doesn’t?) try this easy bullet journal idea from Diary of a Journal Planner. Rather than trying and failing to multitask, use your bujo to block out spans of time to focus on one task. Once time’s up, move on to the next thing. You’ll be amazed how much you get done.

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