Albena Karaivanova And Lady F Discussing Life For the First Time

Her name is Albena Karaivanova, she is 28 years old, from Sofia. She has graduated with a Master’s Degree in “Management of Electronic Content” at Sofia University. For over two years she’s been creating WordPress websites and online stores, and nowadays it’s her basic occupation. A regular student in the SoftUni Institution. Except for the technical part of the websites, she also deals with design. Owner and creator of Alles Design Studios (a studio for the development of websites and web content) and Beauty Profile–the first fully online makeup course for amateurs.

Albena does not describe herself as the most creative person, which is why she is not sure how to proceed so that the audience is pleased. Let’s welcome her openness and sincerity! 

How does it feel to paint another face on a woman?

Actually, I don’t do that. That for me is not the purpose of the make-up artist. I believe in embracing a woman’s natural beauty. Sometimes I find it difficult because some women do not realize how beautiful they are, and yes they want plenty of makeup. But my vocation as a makeup artist is not only to apply the makeup but to make the woman see her inner beauty as well!

So, makeup is sort of therapeutic for women? I know women who feel like naked when they are not wearing makeup. Why do you think wearing makeup boosts the self-confidence so much?

Oh, that is a really interesting question, thank you for it! Yes, I think makeup is a therapy for women, but each of us finds a different way of relaxation. Some just enjoy the process of application, others enjoy the new look they can get every time they do their makeup. Some women just like the opportunity to enhance their strong features, which is great – everyone needs a little glam in life. For those who think they are “naked” without makeup, I will give them a piece of advice to remember that beauty does not depend on the perfect makeup, but the energy you give to people – this is what makes you beautiful. I can assure you that if you are not happy from within people feel that even you are wearing the perfect makeup!

You are happy from within, I can tell. What’s your secret?

I’ve always been happy, most of the time I can’t explain to you why. I consider myself a lucky person – as a child, I didn’t realize why, but now I know – because of all the amazing things that surround me, the simple things that make life so beautiful – the rising sun, the fact it is spring, my friend and family and so many other things.

What is the most intense experience – dancing, lovemaking or creativity?

Well, recently I have realized that everything is energy flow – from you to the others and the opposite. And because it is an energy exchange, to perform it you need another. It is very important who is your partner in the game – with some the energy is so big and intense that you experience very deep feelings and emotions.  And those emotions are on a different level as well.

Which is the deepest I can’t say – I hesitate between lovemaking and dancing, they give you very close emotions. They both last for life if you are lucky. And make you happy every day!

What do you dream about on the romantic plane?

I dream for the one who makes me burn for life itself, makes me feel alive and motivated. The one to inspire me!

Do you write poetry?

When I was younger I did, yes, now I don’t.

It wasn’t very successful. The end to my answer;)

Why not? Poetry is for suffering souls…

If my soul is suffering, I have other ways to heal it. Nature, dancing, music, loved people…

Oh…can you describe in prose a passionate dance?

A dance that makes your heart beats like crazy, your breath faster, your soul flying, feeling your partner, not because of the bodies but the energy! The dance which when it is over you need a few seconds to realize where you are!

I see. So this is why men often ask “are you okay” after a dance.

Yes, probably yes.

I sometimes feel in dance or lovemaking that bodies actually melt…and they sort of obstruct more than they help us, really.

Dancing is pleased souls flowing into each other…

Yes, I agree.

How is social dancing different from solo dancing?

The difference is huge for me. When you do something you love with somebody you love, there is nothing but pure happiness. In social dancing, it is not a must to be in love with those you dance with, but if you have a good emotional relationship – dancing is different, it is better. When you do things with people you love/like it is better in every way you can think of!

Yes, dancing is a great excuse to touch the people you love.

What do you think about this philosophy?

Complicated Quotes & Sayings | Complicated Picture Quotes

I agree with all these statements! I think people avoid asking these actions because they are afraid of the answer to their feelings – all of us have a different point of view and if the response of the other person doesn’t meet their expectations, they feel disappointed. We need to understand that we have to accept another person’s opinion and try to make the situation the best for both. We don’t have to be afraid to make the step – the worst you can hear is “No”, but that is ok – you have to elicit the lesson from the situation! Live life, learn from it and feel the happiness, enjoy it, find the best in everything!

Does one have the moral right to refuse to be adored?

Why someone would refuse to be adored? That is not unusual about human nature. All of us are adored, and it is our work to find the best way for us personally, which is that way. And sometimes this way is very simple we just make it difficult and feel unhappy and incomplete because of the misconception of happiness – we usually think that to be happy or adored must be the same as the others. Find what works great for you!

How do you handle a situation in which you like somebody so much that your mood depends on his appearance or absence?

Hard. On the outside, I will be smiling and trying to not reflect the inner emotions. But my whole mind will be concentrated on the lack of him. With time, however, you understand that this is a dependence, which you have to overcome for your own self, and give yourself a clear idea, that your mood cannot depend on another. Yes, he can contribute to it, but happiness itself has to come from you, because of you. In this way, even if you are in a situation without this special person, you will be able to perceive the nice things there.

Do you read more fiction or non-fiction?

At the moment, non-fiction. Now I am reading Napoleon Hill “How to reach success through a positive psychic attitude.” Quite suitable for the current situation with the coronavirus.

What would make you read a fantasy romance?

May be to be recommended by a person I know has got my taste for books. Then I would read it.

How about a handbook for enamored women?

Yes, I would. It is going to give me the theory, which can be tested in life afterward.

Have you passed through a real ordeal to become so positive?

The idea about what is a real ordeal is something different in all of us. Maybe I have always strived for happiness, and that has taken me to the people who help me to see it and live it every day in a new shape.

From a Master to a Beginner: how to learn Kizomba faster?

To listen to the music, to train what they’ve learned, to try to work on their mistakes, to regularly visit classes and parties, to feel free to dance with strangers and dance with a lot of heart and soul!

How do you admit you like someone?

I go to him and tell him.

It’s scary.

Even if I don’t have a future with this person, I have to do it. So that everything is settled.

When things are spoken, the energies sort out, and the relationship becomes “lite”, grow and develop on another level.

What will you do if you visit Paris?

I will eat macaroni.

I will doll up in skirt in black color with a high waist, a blouse from light fabrics, high red heels and black sunglasses, and I will give in to strolling around, muses, sightseeing, small affable cafes, pleasant conversations and photos, I will visit all possible cosmetic and perfume shops, I will walk in the sun and I will buy flowers for myself. In the evening I will go to a restaurant and then to a Kizomba party.

I guess if Paris was a woman, it would have looked exactly like you in this attire.

Describe the first sip of coffee in the morning?

Life-saving. I like it to be warm, almost hot and a little sweet, and if it is warm I go outside to feel the sunshine and enjoy the silence of the morning. As if I am breathing in the new day. I am grateful for this moment!

How to create every moment?

There is no way. Sometimes, you will need a restart, rest and recharge.

What do you do when your relationship breaks?

It depends on the person and the break, sometimes it is necessary to interrupt it and this is a sign for you, if this happens I always strive for a good and friendly attitude. If the relationship goes on, a long conversation and announcing of the viewpoints is a wonderful solution.

How do you stimulate your partner’s self-confidence?

By making him feel better from what he already is and helping him grow and develop as a person.

Your wish for our readers?

To enjoy life, to find a way to discover beauty in all its aspects and all its moments. And there are plenty of such!

What did I forget to ask you, and you really want to say:

Whether it’s the first time I give an interview. Yes, it’s the first time and it was an incredible experience, for which I thank!

Thanks to Albena for a great first time!


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