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Cyrus Keith

Well, he writes under the name of Cyrus Keith. He is a father of four, a husband of one, and a writer of award-winning thrillers with a very unexpected twist on a romance between his main characters.

Have you got some feedback from readers for your books?

I do. Here are some remarks from reviews on Amazon:

“Becoming NADIA is exciting, sexy but not vulgar, heartfelt emotions- everything you want in a book!! I highly recommend it!”

“There are a lot of action-packed scenes to keep the reader’s interest. It was a great read!”

So tell me what Becoming NADIA is about?

Becoming NADIA begins the story of Nadia Velasquez, a young woman who comes out of a coma with no memory of who she is. All she knows is what those around her tell her about herself.

Is it written from the point of view of Nadia?

Actually, I do hop around just a little. But Nadia is the main protagonist.

She has flashes of other memories, of another life. And then she encounters Jon Daniels, a rough-around-the-edges FBI agent. She discovers that nothing is as she’s been told. Her very existence is a threat to millions of people, and the secret society responsible for her will do anything to get her back.

Why do you like writing?

I love story-telling in all its facets. I direct at a local theater, and I also tell stories to children’s groups.

Writing is another way to tell stories, and also a vent for all my pent-up emotions. I get to create a world where the good guys win, even at a terrible cost.

Do you always have ideas for stories lurking in your mind?

Yes, pretty much. I have about five stories on the back burner at any given time.

Can you tell me the story of your life in just a few words?

I was an angry young man who found redemption and hope not a moment too soon.

I grew up in a Midwestern industrial town, a born rebel and an artist as well. Number four of five children.

Spent time working in a nursing home before finding out that nursing is not my thing. I’m not strong enough.

So I joined the Air Force and found out that I enjoyed tinkering with very expensive electronic devices and making them do awesome things.

My day job is working on navigation and communication systems for corporate jets.

I work at theater and writing and taking care of my family in the evenings.

We have 2 boys, two girls, and a dragon.

A dragon?

Yes. Tad Cooper.

He’s a bearded dragon. We named him after the character in Galavant.

So what is the place of romance in your life?

My beloved and I have been married for over 30 years. We have learned to make even little things romantic.

Would you like to share how you make even little things romantic?

She wanted to make her best friend a necklace for her birthday. So we got out our jewelry fixings and started brainstorming.

When she settled on what she wanted, she picked out the pendant. We decided on the beads. She started on one end, I started on the other end, and we worked on the necklace together.

You know, when you’re sitting right next to each other and working on the same piece at the same time, there’s room for a whole lot of flirting.


Do you write from your own experience?

I do include some elements from my own experience. But there are just some things in my books I PRAY I never experience, if you know what I mean.

Yeah…I can relate to this.

I do a whole lot of research for every one of my books, and I’m pretty sure the FBI has a file on me based on my internet searches, LOL

Any hobbies other than making jewelry?

Making music… I am a bass player in our church’s worship team. My daughter is a guitarist, and my son is the drummer.

Do you have a character based on your wife?

Actually, I don’t. I keep her sacred and apart from my writing.

What made you commit to nursing in the past?

At first, it was just a job out of high school.

I worked on the skilled nursing floor, which was the section for those who needed the most care.

I’m extremely compassionate, so I dove right in, and found myself caring a lot for these patients, most of whom I called “Grandma” or Grandpa.”

That kind of closeness takes a lot out of a person when 95% of your grandparents go out in a hearse.

I couldn’t do it anymore.

Tell me about what else in your life is sacred and should be aside from your work and creative life?


I write under a pen name, and in public, I never use my real name or talk about myself.

What makes you a rebel?

I just grate at the term “fashion.” I just can’t stand following after some trend or flavor of the month. It smacks of a herd mentality

I admire the person who does their own thing and doesn’t give a rip about what anyone else thinks.

I wore open flannel shirts over a tee in high school when no one else was, and when it became the “grudge” fashion, I quit.

What makes you happy?

Seeing someone achieve their dream.
Sunlight and grassy fields.
Reeling in bluegill on a sunny day.

Tell me about your creative process – as if you have to explain to a ten-year-old how to write a good book?


Okay. I start with a “what if?” kind of question. Then I follow it with a general “What then?”

Stories are personal, so I need to have a person who experiences the “what if?”
There is no story without transformation, so the character has to be changed throughout the story.
Then the story has to have an end that satisfies me.

How do you feel when bad things happen to your good characters?

I mourn. I mean, seriously grieve. Not all my good guys make it to the end of the story.

I was halfway through Critical Mass when I realized that one of my favorite characters had to die. That was hard.

Why should readers buy your books?

I need the money.
No seriously though…
I think if someone wants a tight thriller…with a deep love story and a hopeful ending, I think this series would be perfect for you.

The main plot is not about the relationship between Jon and Nadia, but it is so integral, their love makes the story what it is.

What’s your favorite quote by yourself?

Wow, I actually have one.
But it flew out my left ear just now, and I have to chase it down.
Hang on…
My favorite one is this, said from Bunny to his wife. “Baby, stick your lips on me and make me like it!”

What is a “deep love story”?

Without giving away too many twists, Jon and Nadia have loved each other from way before Nadia even knew it. It’s a love so intense. They couldn’t imagine for one-second living without the other in their life.

I hope they will end together!

You’ll just have to read to find out.

Is there something I didn’t ask and you really wanted to share?

This is going to sound odd from a person who writes novels where people do horrible things to each other. But I want my readers to come away from my work with one theme in mind:

Live each day as though it were your last. I appreciate every moment, every raindrop, every little thing. Because all we’re given is NOW.

Many thanks to Cyrus for sharing his delicate personality with us!

You can buy and read Cyrus Keith’s works HERE.

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