Ways To Stay Creative

Ways To Stay Creative

Free Writing

Without prompts and without any agenda, freewriting is a fabulous exercise for your creativity. Peter Elbow developed this strategy in 1973. The main idea is to write in sentence form without ceasing without judging your ideas. This boosts the flow of ideas and helps to develop the style of the author.

Keep a Notebook with You

Inspiration may find you and brings fresh ideas – you have to be ready at all times when it strikes. So bring along a small personal booklet to record your ideas, because they hardly ever return. Also, use sticky notes because they are easily rearranged.

Motivate Yourself

Discover magazines in your industry and make subscriptions, which will inspire you. You will get plenty of ideas. You need to keep track of the competition in your field, see what they’re doing better, do things better.

Make Lists

People love lists. Put down things that inspire you, the best books you have ever read, the main characters’ traits, qualities of the world, ideas. Listing will flex your writing muscles.

Move a Little

Just go. Sitting in one place equals death. Go stroll the boulevards in autumn, go swimming in the summer, by all means, go dancing in the evening – your creative juices will flow like a charm.

Finish things

Do not abandon your projects in the middle of them – that depletes your energy. You have to have finished works – you have to have achievements. Log your achievements in a diary. Finishing things will help you unclutter your mind for new ideas to come.

Look around Amazon Bookstore

Check the best-sellers lists, click around. You may find ideas in calendars, cookbooks, or decorating books. Open the pages of best-selling books and read the readers’ likes and dislikes, so you may know the opinion of people on the qualities of your genre.

Tidy Up

Make sure your workspace is free from clutter and emits a pleasant vibe. That will boost your energy and your creativity as well. You can also experiment with different kinds of fragrances – for instance, scented candles. Feng-Shui your writing space – it is your altar.

Meet Creatives

People in your environment deeply influence you. Consider meeting up with your creative friends and discussing your literary projects with them, you will be surprised.


Treat yourself with a class on writing done by experts. Make sure you have the most recent information about your genre. Spare time every day for learning.

Vision Boards

They are a treat to make and they are so inspirational. They let you explore your true desires and focus on important matters. Choose the materials with your heart.

Ask “What If?”

This question is a fun way of sparking your creativity. It is also very popular in the book and movies industry.

What if a little boy was able to see dead people unlike anybody else? (The Sixth Sense)

What if we inhabit a world, which is a digital simulation? (The Matrix)

What if the Greek Gods actually existed?

And your mind is already booming with ideas!

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