What Does It Take To Be A Star In The Writing Industry

The way to a writer’s success is hard and strenuous, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your book sells well.

A writer is supposed to write an incredible fiction or nonfiction work.  Then he has to build his author platform assiduously and market his book really rapidly. Long time before the book release, the prosperous writer has already started to complete the following tasks, which will take him to greatness:

Decide in advance on the genre of your book

You shouldn’t skip on researching the most popular books on Amazon and their categories. In this way, Amazon will be able to show your book to readers, who are most prone to buying it. Then you will also need to read all the reviews – be they loving or hating – of the best-selling books in Amazon – so that you may inform yourself what the readers of your genre like and don’t like.

Give People What They Are Paying For.

When you write your book, write minding your audience. Your potential reader has needs you have to recognize and satisfy. You have to imagine the reader vividly in your mind and ask yourself at all times what will resonate with that person? What will attract them and what they will learn and remember from the book once it is finished? Your book should stand out from the crowd and be different. You need to ask yourself who is in the crowd in the first place. Even so, your book should also be a book you’d like to read.

Study your competition

See what websites they have, which social media they use, and who are their followers. Listen to your readers and learn about them. Think about how you can connect with them and brand yourself, not really the book.

Do not focus your marketing efforts on social media

Contrary to the popular belief that you should desperately flood your FB groups and invent hashtags for your Twitter posts the entire day, experts have discovered that this is a total waste of time. If you count on the effect of social media, your book sales may be critically low. It is advisable to build an email list of potential readers. People instinctively pay attention to their e-mail inbox.

Create a Book People Already Want

There are tools to help you in this process called by writer Dave Chesson “Book Idea Validation.” Do you have an idea for a book? Look it up in Amazon. Learn what is popular. Answer the big questions: What questions do your readers have for you? How are you different from others?

You have to know why do you write the book – personally. I need to build a personal brand and create a passive income for me. Then what do you want to write about? Craft a unique title, build a platform, promote your book. You may want to create audiobooks to go along with your text. Consider hiring an editor and a graphic designer you will need them.  Attack the blogs and vlogs, start an e-mail campaign, organize book signings. You will also need reviewers. Beta readers. Dashing good helpers among your friends. For your book to happen, you have to create miracles!





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