Fairy Stories: Dance Me to the End of Love

It was the beginning of December, the polar bears were wearing warm woolen vests, small white ballerinas were snowing in the air and the whole Enchanted Forest smelled of frankincense and pancakes. All the forest inhabitants had gathered in the Fair Pub to drink mulled wine and dance with passion. It was freezing outside, but inside well-behaved and impeccably dressed elves were waiting the tables, serving all sorts of hot beverages. Fairies in their least modest attires and well-perfumed were behaving their best while tasting raspberry wine.

Among them, Isabelle Dazzlesparkle was looking simply bewitching in her polka dot blouse with a black ribbon neckline and her Christmasy smile. She was chatting with some of her friends at a festive table, while managing to inspect carefully everyone who passed through the pub’s door. For she was dressed to kill, because she was expecting someone fervently. Someone who’d been absent from the Enchanted Forest’s events lately and that literally for months.

While floating in a dance, she opened her eyes and was bemused to see Dew Lilycome passing before her very eyes, very close to her, adorned with a four-day beard as a tribal storyteller. At his ripe age, the beard decorated him nicely, and the Elf of Kindness looked twice as wise. She would so place some gay flowers in his beard and smooch on his lips…oh! But would he invite her? While she was day-dreaming of that, he demonstratively took the hand of one of her table companions and led her to the dance floor. “Well,” thought Isabelle, “she probably has got a lucky acorn in her pocket…”

When the second fairy he invited was again in her table circle, she took that personally. Then, she thought, it was better for her to believe that he had done this on purpose and that maybe, he was, indeed paying attention to her. Elves sort of do this, when they want a fairy’s attention – they trot about her and pay attention to her closest surroundings – in that case – her table companions. So, Isabelle decided to strike back gently, but royally and dragged one of her favorite dance companions to the dance floor… and didn’t they have a good time! Both couples looked as if they were competing with each other…though Isabelle was a bit more curvy than Dew’s partner, she was still brilliant in her touch…While they were dancing with someone else, their looks clashed, and their bodies somehow managed to touch each other, as if perchance…

But once he didn’t let his partner go after one dance, her heart sank a bit…

She was beginning to wonder if he would ever invite her to a dance. The moon was in her waxing crescent, which meant that love energies were to flow freely. She hadn’t touched his form for months, for a time which seemed like ages. She was following him around with a look, heavy from expectations and envisioning herself in his warm embrace, whirling in their mixed auras of golden light.Other fairies would have been ruined from jealousy, but not Isabelle, she was always hoping for a little Christmas miracle her way.

In the worst moment, he looked straight in the sparkling green eyes, with his warm brown eyes, he held her look and he didn’t even care to approach her, but he made a gesture with his hand,  which could only mean one thing “Now, come to me, and see what I am going to do to you, because you are mine!” It gave her such thrills! The carol was old and familiar, but his movements were new and full of sublime passion, an almost angry, still very jovial and holiday excitement. Using the entourage of dance movements he managed to sweep her off her feet, and make love to her on the dance floor, and he knew it, the entire Enchanted Forest at that moment knew it!

The Great Forest Winter could come between their lips, they would still have been striving for a kiss. Her crimson lips were a vibrant, sensual temptation. The flow of the carol was interrupted from movements, which were not simply dancing, but labor of lovemaking as well. Their faces aglow, it all felt as if he finally confessed everything with a dance.It was the hottest dance, the shiniest, and everyone yelled and clapped their hands. It was in many ways a shattering lovemaking experience, and everybody knew, and their eyes sparkled with excitement and approval.  Shaken with their beauty, shaken…

“You exceeded yourself!” she whispered softly after the dance. It was rightful to say so, for he created some beautiful shapes with their bodies, but most of all, he melted her insides. She now wanted to treat him with the choicest tea, in the comfort of Fae Keep and sit on his lap, while he’s having it.

“I am glad you enjoyed it.” he received the compliment with a smile.


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