Why Do You Have To Walk 30 Minutes A Day

  1. Walk if you want to live longer. The people who live in the Hunza Valley in the North part of Pakistan are world-famous as a legendary healthy people, with a life expectancy of 120 years, they do not know what illness means. Guess what they do all day long? Trot about the mountain hills with the cattle, breathing fresh air and relaxing surrounded by beautiful nature. This is how you live to be one hundred.
  1. Walking may not be efficient in losing weight, but it is very efficient in keeping it off and sustaining your current weight. It’s the easiest, cheapest, most natural of exercises. We are built to move on two feet–it comes naturally to us, and as we know–it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!
  2. Some walking every day may prevent many diseases. It also reduces the risk of cancer.
  3. Legends are you can really get slim if you walk regularly. Specialists confirm: it’s the right way to lose weight – and if you keep walking–the pounds, you shed will not come back.
  4. It makes you feel better–big time. When you walk the boulevards in the sunny spell of spring, summer, and mild autumn, you feel one with the world.
  5. It reduces the chance for a disease of the heart. It improves the risk factors of cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity and plenty of other annoyances.
  6. After walking, you will sleep significantly improve. If you have sleepless nights, – blame it on not moving during the day.
  7. Movement is proven to relieve stress and release tension. Walking is an activity everybody enjoys – an easy and fun activity – and one can do it for a longer time than any other physical exercise. People with developing arthritis should take every opportunity to walk.
  8. It increases metabolism. Walking stimulates your digestive tract.
  9. It improves your posture–especially if you walk for fitness, posture is something you have to mind in the beginning, but it comes naturally to you in a while.

Find the time to walk today at least for thirty minutes. Your health will greatly enjoy this. You eat better; you sleep better; you live better!


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