25 Holy Orders For Losing Weight


I came upon this very comprehensive list on weight loss – never have I seen more simple and detailed advice for people who are fighting to lose weight. It is a miraculous revelation to me – such little, easy, habitual things to do on your path to holistic health. Here they are:

  1. Cut down on salt. In case you take in large amounts of salt and you don’t drink plenty of water, you shall retain water, become bloated and look even fatter. You are supposed to drink 1 liter of water for every 2 grams of salt.
  2. Got milk? It’s great for losing belly fat. Research shows that diets rich in dairy products can facilitate your efforts in weight loss – you lose belly fat. Try several servings of low-fat milk, yogurt or cheese.
  3. Burn 500 Calories without working out. Spend 3 hours in a room with 19℃ temperature – experiment shows you will burn fat.
  4. The easiest way to lose weight is to walk 10000 steps every day and burning 500 calories, without sweating at all. If you do this you will lose 1 pound of fat per week.
  5. Workout early in the morning.
  6. When you eat breakfast – you are less likely to overeat during the day. But if you skip breakfast, that actually increases your metabolism.
  7. Use Baby utensils. Smaller plates, forks, spoons make you limit your portions significantly.
  1. So That Motivation Exercise

I want to lose weight, so that…
I look sexier and feel more sensual, so that…
I will feel insanely attractive, so that…
I can make all people around happy, so that…

Now you are motivated, aren’t you?

  1. Eat protein – it is hard to digest and you burn a lot of calories, while you are at it. It suppresses your appetite by keeping you satiated for longer, and it also helps build lean muscle.
  2. More water, less fat.
  3. Fiber is hard to be digested, eating 30 grams per day will burn at least 150 extra calories. Eat meals mainly comprised of fiber, water, and protein.
  4. Dring 3 to 5 cups of Green Tea – burn 43% more fat.
  5. Eat raw fruits and veggies.
  6. Have water or fresh juice before meals.
  7. Have vegetable juice before meals
  8. Walk for 30 minutes immediately after lunch and dinner.
  9. Lose 50 pounds on the boredom diet. Eat exactly the same foods every day will make you actually disinterested in food.
  10. Chew longer to lose weight fast.
  11. Keep a detailed meal diary – put down what you eat.
  12. Gain weight to lose weight faster – the more you weigh, the more calories you will burn when exercising. So put on a backpack to burn more calories.
  13. Work out the smart way. You can lose more weight if you do 3-to-4 shorter 10-minute workouts instead of one big 30-minute cardio.
  14. Play music – that will keep you motivated and energized so that you may reach your goal faster.
  15. Switch to the Mediterranean Diet – the people who are on it are the leanest, least overweight, live longest and have lowest degrees of chronic disease on Earth.
  16. Be moderate. Yes chocolate cake is bad, but if you tell yourself constantly you are never going to have chocolate cake, guess what you will crave for – chocolate cake! Eat all your favorite snacks and treats but in moderation.
  17. Walk, don’t run to maintain your weight. Pace yourself. Glorious things are done slowly.


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