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First and foremost, Victoria L Trenton is a writer and everything complicated that goes along with that. Emotions, impressions of the world, intensity, capacity to love, sensitivity, and strength… An overpowering need to express all of these things with the written word… She sees the beauty in the mundane as well as the spectacular. She thinks every writer at heart encompasses these things, and she’s no different.

I have known you for a while and you went through a major transformation. Can you share a bit about Victoria’s secret tale before and now?

Well, I’ve been a writer all my life, but I only published my first full-fledged novel about six years ago, The Outmate. It was partially a true story built around the relationship I was involved in with an inmate serving fifteen years. We were engaged for six years and continue to be good friends as he goes through his sentence. We broke up about after the death of my brother- it was just too much for both of us to handle in an already volatile situation (being a prison wife is not exactly easy) and I descended into depression and alcoholism for five long years. In that period, I wrote and published the sequel to The Outmate, which largely chronicles the breakup and my own changing mental states. It ends on a note of hope and paves the way for the third novel. After a long struggle, I got a handle on my depression and got sober with the help of AA, medication, and therapy. It was not an easy road, but it was worth the struggle. I made peace with myself, my brother’s death, my previous relationship, and found my current fiance. Life is pretty good these days, so good that I’m having trouble writing the third novel.

Do you mind if I ask about your personal life?

Not at all, go right ahead.

Okay, I know you were in a damaging relationship some time ago…can you tell us what it was like and how did you handle it eventually?

It was very damaging, absolutely. He was narcissistic in the extreme, and given that he was doing fifteen years in a violent and dangerous environment, it was enough to beat down the strongest woman and destroy love. He walked away from me when I was at my lowest, and it took me five years of severe alcoholism and almost dying a few times to get over it. I see now that was not entirely his fault, my crash was coming for a while after my brother’s death and my disease of alcoholism would have evolved with or without my ex. He walked away for self-preservation, not willing to see me go through that. Given the circumstances and that I’d already put everything on the line for him yes, that sucked, but I forgive him for it and I understand. I came out stronger and more centered because of it and redefined my own personal definition of what a healthy relationship was- which brought me to Jude, my husband to be.

Now describe your today’s crush and make all women envy you…

I wrote about Jude before I ever met him. He’s an important character in the second novel, The Mastermind. I was creating what I thought would be the perfect man when I wrote Marshall Stone- unselfish, sexy, mysterious, powerful, and willing to let the woman he loves walk away if need be to find herself. He wants only the best for her. I met Jude in rehab of all places and we both knew instantly that it was forever. He sat back and watched me struggle to get a handle on my alcoholism, and didn’t press me for a relationship until he knew I was ready to accept it and had let go of the past. We are partners in AA and in life now, and he gives me 150% of himself. It’s the type of relationship you dream about as a little girl- full of magic and love.

If you had to compare their soul qualities what are these two men like – the previous and the one?

Believe it or not, M and Jude are very much alike in many ways. They are both ferocious warriors. Gladiators, I call them both- the type who can take on three opponents at once with a grin and a roar. Both very dangerous men in their own way… But Jude has an openness and a capacity to love that Michael does not. I hesitate to say it because M and I are still good friends, but Jude is more emotionally available and wiser than M. He’s made peace with the wildness in his soul and wants a lifetime relationship with one woman. That would be me.

Wow!:) Sounds like you’ve landed the perfect romance…Tell me something about it? Your most romantic moment?

There are so many… I think the most touching one was in rehab before we decided on becoming a couple. We were both trying hard to observe the rules and not get involved in our feelings for each other, but we’d sit together during AA meetings and just barely let our elbows touch. That small, unnoticed interaction felt like a jolt of electricity to both of us and we knew without ever saying a word that something really meaningful was there.

I am smiling ear to ear – I love and notice such moments myself…

Your favorite quotes from your book?

“It’s not every day you understand someone so perfectly. It’s not every day you die. Was that one moment worth everything I went through for him? I’ll tell you our story, and then you can decide for yourself.”

Teasing…do you love this in a love game and can you tell us how does he do it?

Can you elaborate?

I am trying to discreetly pry under your sheets? Or do you avoid such subjects?

Oh! Well. I won’t get into too many details, however, I am pretty open in the novels about the BDSM aspects of the relationships portrayed. Jude and I both indulge in these channels and are members of the BDSM lifestyle together.

What is BDSM to you in one paragraph? (For everyone has different perceptions…)

Well, the initials stand for Bondage, Discipline, and Sadomasochism. Basically, we like to play rough and there is a strong Dominance/submission aspect to it. Outside the bedroom, we are equal partners, but inside, he’s the Boss, and I like it that way. So does he.

What’s your recipe – how to write a good romance?

I don’t really have a recipe and don’t work by an outline or plan. I’m a pantser who writes as it comes, and I never know how it’s going to turn out. But I believe that any good plotline involves a challenge or a pitfall to the relationship that is overcome at the end. That is if you want to allow your characters a happy ending. I don’t always allow them that.

Why are you so crazy about writing?

It’s a passion. I was born to write. It’s not something I can control, and I guess it’s a form of addiction to the written word. I tend to think that I’m not really responsible for my writing, that it’s something else flowing through me, a Muse if you will. I tap into a higher energy that comes out through my fingers and almost puts me in a trance. It’s an incredible feeling to be channeling that energy and see the results afterward. Given that I’m currently in bad writer’s block and have been for a couple of months, I can tell you I miss it horribly and can’t wait for it to return.

What just happened? Some pictures speak more than words, but you are a woman of words, so try to verbalize this emotion?

We were doing a photoshoot on the beach and the photographer was snapping random spur of the moment photos in action. She told us afterward we were the easiest couple to shoot that she’d ever met because joy and love just radiated off us. We never even posed, we were just together being goofy next to the ocean which is our favorite spot together. So many good memories happened there. She captured us perfectly in that photo; all the love and happiness we feel when we’re together. It’s my favorite photo.

If I had to put it into words- absolute connection and understanding. Happiness incarnate…

Have you named the day?

Sunday, December 15th, 2019

How did he propose?

We were getting ready to go out to dinner. We’d talked about getting married so it wasn’t a surprise. He was down on his knees already getting something out of the safe, and turned to me with the ring to say, “Will you?” And I said yes. He put the ring on my finger. It was a very quiet, warm, personal moment- no big fanfare, just two people confirming their future together.

For how long have you been in this “honeymoon” of a relationship?

Since we met. It really was instant for both of us- two old souls that recognized each other right away. I don’t think the honeymoon stage will ever go away. We have had a couple of difficult moments like any couple does, but we hate being out of sync and do anything we can to get past it. We have great communication and resolve everything within a few minutes. As he says, it’s a bad few moments, not a bad day.

And passion does not subside?

Oh hell no. We can’t keep our hands off each other!

That’s lovely to hear…

Sun signs?

I’m a Libra, on the last possible day of Libra, so I guess I’m a Libra/Scorpio cusp baby. He’s a Cancer.

What do you have to say to the women there, who haven’t yet found romantic love?

I’m almost fifty, well past the time that someone thinks they are going to find romantic, passionate love. I was also jaded enough to think that was it for me, I was done. Jude hit me like a freight train and proved that it doesn’t matter what your age is, or what your past is. Love comes when it’s ready and when it’s right. I couldn’t have found what I did without going through everything that I did- it formed me and made me ready for it. I regret nothing in my past, it prepared me for my future with him.

Do you have common hobbies or work interests?

We both have a great love for food and the culinary arts. We love art and expressions of beauty in every form- ballet, opera, nature, painting, etc. We both love tending the huge garden at our home, and generally improving and taking care of our home. We both love muscle cars. And we’re both very driven people in everything we do, passionate to a fault.

How about kids?

Not in the cards, I’m afraid. He has three grown boys and two grandchildren, and that is enough for me.

What else is in the cards then?

The third novel if I can get past this writer’s block. A have a fourth in mind as well that I won’t give any details on yet. It will be a drastic switch up of genre from anything I’ve previously written, that’s all I can say.

And what’s the genre you have written in now?

Erotic Crime Thrillers.

Define erotic?

Heavy, explicit sexual overtones that deal with deviant sexual patterns like Dominance and impact play (pain-inducing).

Your most erotic scene?

I think the first time my main characters come together after almost two hundred pages of anxious waiting is the most impactful. They’ve dreamed of this for literally years, schemed, planned, and killed for it. The violent culmination of all that passionate build up is overwhelming. I don’t have access to give you a direct snippet, but that was the most powerfully erotic scene in the entire first novel to me.

So you found true love? Now what?

I honestly don’t know. I’m still at a stage in my recovery in alcoholism that I don’t like to set plans too far ahead. I’m still evolving in that aspect. My writing, too, is still evolving as I learn to create without the crutch of alcohol. I wrote from a place of pain for a long time, so now I’m learning to write from joy.

Many thanks to Victoria Trenton, who found joy and love in her life!

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