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Hockson Floin is a man with big dreams and he’s indeed living his dreams in Milan. He is very optimistic that tomorrow can be much better than what is today and what was yesterday.

What gives you hope for the future?

The optimism of the people I meet, the opportunities we all have in this world and the increasing awareness of so many people to save our planet gives me great hope for the future.

What languages do you speak?

My mother tongue is Tamil, one of the oldest languages in the world, still spoken by about 100 million people. I also speak English and a bit of Italian, Malayalam, and Hindi.

Are you fluent in all of them?

Only in Tamil and English.

Tell me about Tamil and your mother.

Tamil is one of my strongest Identities and I’m proud of it. As I mentioned, it’s one of the oldest languages in the world, which is still alive, arguably the oldest in the Indian subcontinent.

At one point in human history, the Tamil kings ruled most part of South East Asia, what we now call Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

Unfortunately, we do not have strong historical evidence to prove our long existence, in parallel with the Latins, the Greeks and the Chinese. Tamil has got very old works of literature but we can’t pinpoint in which period they are from.

On the other side, the life of my mother is well documented. She had a very hard upbringing and I feel pity for her.

What upbringing?

She lost her mother during her birth, so it was a very hard upbringing without her mother. She was cared and loved, but still it’s not really the same life without mother.

Why are you so fond of history?

I am curious to know, what made us who we are today.

So do you believe we came from the apes?

I do not have doubts and also I believe that we will be #SuperHumans as our evolution continues. What I do not believe is, humans will go extinct because of the rising global temperature but we will be something else to get along with the new environment.

History says that the humans or the apes evolved along with the climatic changes of this world. I’m not a science person, so my apologies for not using the technical terms.

What does your name mean?

My full name is Hockson Lal Silbert Chelladurai.

Hockson Lal Is my name, here “Hock” is a kind of wine made in the Rhine valley of Germany, So Hockson literally means son of Wine, “Lal” is a Hindi word which means Red, the equivalent of the name “Rossi” in Italy. If you look at the pattern of naming all around the world, “Red” has been commonly used for namings in several cultures and in India “Lal” ie “Red” is very commonly used in names. Maybe even in your country, you might have “Red” version of the name.

Silbert Is English and Chelladurai, Tamil. So in short, a multilingual name.

You seem to have a different culture from all people, your personal culture, can you tell me a bit about it?

I can’t say, I have different culture but I have a slightly different way of living. I haven’t limited myself to the cultural boundaries of Tamils or the freedoms and rules of the Indian Constitution or the religious beliefs of Christianity. I looked for philosophies and ideas far beyond my own world.

What is the place of romance in your own world?

It has changed over the years, it used to be Scotland, then Switzerland used to be my heaven on earth and now Iceland during summer. For now, I can say, Iceland during the summer.

I meant what place does romance hold in your life?

Maybe I’m not the person to whom you can ask this question. At least, at this moment in my life, I’m more of sapiosexual, that’s the best position where I can categorize myself romantically.

You are attracted by intelligence and creativity?

That’s correct.

Tell me about your daily life?

There is no particular order, but BBC breakfast program – today, evening jog is part of my regular day, beyond this, my work activities depend on the nature and situation of the day I’m in, whether it be marketing or designing or attending meetings or presentations or recording a podcast.

I try to get some time to watch some comedy shows aswell, two and a half men is my favorite. #UncleCharlie

And what does your work consist of?

I have two aspects of my life, work, and a mission. Work is related to architecture, design and sustainable business expansion consultation & services.

My mission is to empower lives and their thinking. People tend to fall for emotional rhetoric, whether it be in the USA, Italy, UK, Hungary or Marine Le Pen who is standing on the threshold of grabbing French power. Many of us can understand how this polarizing filter works but the majority falls for nationalist and polarising rhetoric. This has to change if not, the liberal work as we see today after fighting two great world wars will go for the third and I’m afraid, that might be the end for everything we have created since the beginning, whether you believe in the creative narrative of genesis or Darwinism. So I put efforts to reach people on how to think logically to overcome polarising rhetorics.

Please tell me about polarising rhetorics?

Polarising rhetoric is s kind of communication campaign, it’s been used over the centuries to polarise people against something else. As we know Hitler is a great orator, through his rhetoric he polarised Germans from the rich and powerful German Jews of those times and that rhetoric expanded to the neighboring countries too and history tells us how that polarising rhetoric end up. In modern times, “America First” rhetoric leads to the rise of white supremacists and white nationalism in the USA. In Italy, Salvini’s rhetoric was creating a division between the north and the south of Italy – hardworking north paying for the lazy southerners. That made him the dominant leader of the north and now he is the most powerful Italian leader with different rhetoric, the funniest thing is, even the southerners who he blamed as the disgrace to Italian economy also supports him now. Here too rhetoric outplayed logical thinking. If you don’t choose me, European Union will open the borders and your neighbor will be a Muslim, and I, Viktor Orban Is the Defender of European Christianity that rhetoric plays well with the Hungarians. Polarising rhetoric starts by creating a “We framework” we Vs them and then create panic and insecurity and projecting him as the leader, savior, etc.. etc..

So how you will save people from rhetoric?

I can’t save the world, but I want to create awareness. Even educated people fall for those emotional polarising rhetorics.
I want to create awareness for logical thinking while choosing the leaders.
We have killed so many people for our religious beliefs and ethnical supremacism, what have we learned from the past.
We should throw away those religious and ethnical filters when we see ourselves living in a community of different people. Naturally, we are different in personalities, beliefs, and lifestyles, what we must be doing is not to distance ourselves further but to look for things that can bind us together to live is a community, in a country and in this whole world which is becoming smaller and smaller as our technology advances.

Are you a believer of any religion?

Yes I’m a practicing Christian if you ask me, do I believe, I don’t know that.

Do you believe in centralized or democratic power? Do you believe a god-anointed person will lead a country better than a government?

Religion must be away from the government, we fought so many wars and a lot of killings in the name of God. We must bring an end to it.

I believe in democratic power over authoritarianism, but the problem with democracy is, if a country is with a majority of stupid people, they make stupid decisions, just give an example – Brexit. So far, Democracy is the best option we have created to form a government but that needs some improvements.

What are some things in the world that have to stop immediately?

The matter of my concern is the global economy, as our economy grows the purchasing power of individuals are growing, this leads to the purchasing of things far beyond what we need and want. In particular, I want to bring to your attention – quick fashion. The life of cloths worn by the individuals are going down, as the purchasing power is high, people buy clothes for a day or for a short season and finally, it ends up in landfill or burned or remain at our closet. Cotton is cultivated in tropical countries where the water level is very low and cotton tree consumes lots of water and this further lowers the water level in those areas. So the life of the quick-fashion clothes we buy just for one Instagram picture and water it takes to get the cotton needed for the dress is not relevant. Quick fashion is just an example for human consumerism and how it affects our ecosystem, whether it is vehicles or almost everything we buy because of our purchasing power, the consumption is not relevant to our availablity of these materials in our environment. So there must be sensible reforms put in place to organize our economic growth to make it sustainable for our environment.

But if you can stop 3 things today – what would they be?

There is nothing I want to stop, I just want people to consume less. These are the 3 major things almost everyone can practice – buying less dress – eating more vegetables – traveling in a more economical way, public transportation or shared transportation

What do you think about artificial intellect?

They are very helpful today but as they develop further I’m afraid that human intelligence will be outdated and we might be seen as we see animals today. In the long future, I also believe that the human body Integrated with “what we now call” artificial intelligence, maybe I can call them superhumans will be able to live in other planets as well. My thought might sound crazy but we have already invented several human parts artificially to replace or to moderate our human body, so the concept of superhuman is foreseeable.

Do you follow your heart or your head?

My head! I’m a logical man not an emotional stupid.
This is the awareness I’m trying to make, if it’s personal passion follow your heart if it depends on others, use your head!
Love is emotional; governance is business, a serious business.

Why is being emotional a stupid thing?

Adding to my previous answer “maybe that’s also a reason why I’m sapiosexual, I follow my head” Emotional stupid is just a saying, but I didn’t mean to say emotion is stupidity but what I would say is, emotion is a weakness, something happens out of your control. So, major decisions shouldn’t be solely based on emotional attachments.

Explain this picture. What is it about and why is it so emotional?

That was in 2008, I was an emotional stupid. Lol!

Yes, what was back then and what is now?

I don’t prefer discussing personal things on the wide Web but I can put that in a nutshell. When your ambitions so small, your thoughts are so limited, when you have a higher purpose to live, your thoughts widen and what you need in your life can’t be found in a girl’s heart but it will be in the soul of a community or in a country.

But my blog is personal and quite emotional. How will the interview look there if you choose to be impersonal and sapio?

I realized that I’m kind of out of context to your blog. I really don’t know if I could be able to open up.

Me too – you are political, my blog is apolitical, you don’t follow emotions, my blog is entirely about emotions and you share some ideas that are really out of context…You prefer to leave your heart in the shadow.

Maybe one day when you realize sapiosexualism is also a kind of romanticism, do get my opinion.

Thanks to Hockson for his ideas how to change the world!

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