Sex As An Expression Of Love

Remember that glorious spiritual event, when you had sex for an entire night…and woke up ready for more? In the following days – you feel like a cake – carrying your goofy smile everywhere, making people’s days. It is true that such an act is a tremendous transformation for both partners – life-changing lovemaking. What is it that really makes sex such a soulful experience?

Spiritual Ripeness

In order to enjoy sex so much, you have to be at least in your thirties. At this age you don’t care so much about how you will look, you know your disadvantages and advantages well, and are ready to explore your sexual uniqueness, with a partner who is experienced and as mature spiritually as you are. You also get a special thrill if at this ripe age you are still capable of making out in the park as a 19-year-old couple. Sex in your thirties has a different flavor – it connects the essences of the partners, both of them savoring the pleasure from the act with such frenzy as if it is their last one.


Mutual affection and desire are what makes people give in to each other – and without giving in – sex is a blatant and mundane act. Desire is what melts your insides when he smooches at your lips or drives his tongue between them; teasing you and making the endorphins go out of your ears. Desire drives you insane with each other and makes you press your forms against each other with such synergy…as if you desperately want to become one form. Demonstrate your desire boldly and wait for the hurricane of passion to be unleashed.


A good dancer is known by the touch, a good lover is known by the passion he manifests. Passion is what makes you bite softly at the special body zones of your partner. By all means, you have to voice your passion with all kinds of loving sounds – it is important feedback for your lover. Men love enthusiastic, sexually motivated women, women who reciprocate their efforts in lovemaking. If he kisses you in a certain way or place, there is a great chance he would like your kisses in exactly this way and place, so mirror his sexiest moves.


Some people call it “love,’’ some people call it “connection” and others “chemistry,” but without this obligatory ingredient your sexual encounter is going to be trite and inconsequential. When you are in love, every single touch is a discovery, every kiss blasts you to heaven, every hug is exactly what your soul needs. There – the act of love may be speedy or slow, but with the same amount of paradisal felicity.


As much as you wish he was, your lover is not a clairvoyant. When your lips first lock you enter a dance, in which both of you are responsible for your part. Romance makes women expect that he knows exactly how to please you intuitively. That’s not true. Verbal instructions during a dance are acceptable if both of you are not advanced lovers – that means if they haven’t spent a lot of time pleasing each other. So mention your preferences and question about his. Give feedback with moans and sighs. So when you want to be sensually understood – explain, if you have questions –ask them, if you don’t like something – say so, if you like something – state it, if you desire something – ask for it, if you love someone – tell them! As much as you love each other, openness and communication are essential for the act of love.

French Love

It’s a great way to get creative and perform, and while you please your partner well, doing what the French people do boosts your sense for achievement and high performance. Ladies, do not frown, your alpha man actually loves going down on you. He can never get enough of it; he will become tired, but not yet satisfied from giving you that pleasure, which is so emotional and mind-blowing.


Blissful and angelical, kisses are what distinguish an act of love and an act of indifferent fucking. When you feel every next kiss is better than the previous one, although he is doing practically the same thing – you are on your way to the Promised Land. Kissing makes the bond, the connection more intensive. You fall from the heavens straight into his arms. It also burns a lot of calories, so ladies – get in shape!


Tenderness is served in looking in each other’s eyes, gentle strokes, gentle penetration, all the smooching and sweet surprises, kissing, kissing a lot. It is a brave act to demonstrate your soul’s tenderness to a lover. In tenderness resides great spiritual strength – it is sexually powerful. It is you and him bonding in absolute love. A fantastic lover can alternate tender and tough successfully with a responsive partner.


Some like it hot. Different positions, harsh, fast rhythm of penetration, are all signals that your lover has caught on fire. The best thing you can do is relax and enjoy, for when you see a man in such a situation, you may claim that you have experienced the ardent adoration of the strong sex. Even the kisses become vigorous and you have to submit. The fast dance of love is a liberating, a bonding experience.

Sex Talk

There are ways you can fuel your sexual act with words, especially if you whisper or speak aloud in his ear – almost any human on Earth loves this tickly sensation. Make sure that the things you say reveal how you feel as a result of his actions at the moment. Sex talk builds the momentum and it feels damn good. From “I hope to be able to take advantage of you after you drink this” to “I beg you!,” “I like that!” “That’s really awesome!” up to “remove my panties” – “oh, no, you will have to wait…” speaking your mind is a loving and frank experience. The sex of your lifetime can start with the line:

“I want to kiss you!”


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