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Who is the woman behind the LoveBooklet universe?

I am. Is it a universe? Recently, I have let the blog die. I am thinking, I should recover it, for I have put my whole heart in it.

What did bring your marvelous creation to its’ untimely demise?

I came to the realization, that it’s getting me more adorers than visitors…Besides, I wanted to share with the world some personal stuff, and I found out the world was not ready to receive it.

Aha! Do you mean people were poaching more about you as a person rather than your content?

I was trying to write on a Billboard that I’m in love – that’s my default state, only the object of affection varies – people didn’t take that very well. The world is not ready for that level of honesty.

Sounds fair. From the experience of life itself, everyone wants to be a suitor and have a piece of you for their own. It becomes a competition out there. Word has it you have released a pretty outstanding novel. What is it all about?

It’s no longer outstanding from my current perspective – you know I am still learning, so already have better stuff, but I am not in a hurry to publish them. I will wait until all of them are accomplished. The story is about a young woman – Vivienne, who has quite a complicated love behavior. She has the chance to be a goddess of love for а short time. While Freya – the real Goddess of Love is looking for her ancient treasure. Everybody in the book is after this artifact, Brisingamen – who owns it rules beauty, fertility, and love. The characters keep falling for each other and it ends like this:

Aha! Whoever plants the seed of life. Tell me more about your upcoming projects?

Well, I am working on a series of For the Love of the Goddess – a  book called For the Honor of the Lady based in a fantasy world similar to France. Same characters meet each other in a different lifetime – for they have spent together many lives – they are soulmates. Lily (Vivienne), the main character is a rebellious young lady who dares to fall in love, in a world which disapproves of the sensual cravings of women. But she is crazy about this man, August, and we will see what will happen.

Another of my books is a love story in a fantasy world based on the Middle Ages. The main characters are based respectively on Loki and Mary Poppins. They don’t like each other, they struggle for power balance, and in the end, they will end up completely in love.

The last project is – astonishingly – not about a princess or a witch, but about an ordinary, plumpy librarian, who starts getting high on tea… and while she is high, she meets the man of her life, who turns out to be the town idiot, when she is sober.

Ahhhh the last peaks my interest more. Not too many authors go for romantic comedy these days. Are the characters based on real persons?

Not at all. They are unique characters, but I have given them real problems. The woman hallucinates after taking a tea “for everything” she gets addicted to. While she is high, she meets a gorgeous elf, who doesn’t look quite himself when she’s not high… So she is facing a moral dilemma.

Awesome. What drives your creation?

Pain, I have to say. I experience pain when I don’t write…it is not physical, but to me, it is a spiritual necessity. I have done it since I was five. Pictures inspire me. I love doing descriptions. What I most like about writing is being “in the head” of the character, feeling what she feels, going where she goes….doing stuff she does and always surprising me, every single moment, you feel how the story flows through you and takes you places – better than ….” you know what…”

It’s a passion!

Hahaha, that’s true. Cosmic energy that satisfies you. Romance novels and sexuality come around each other like the binary planets. How much lovemaking is necessary to counterbalance the pain provided by stress, crime, and wars on this planet? In your opinion?

Oh…that question reminds me of a book I was writing. I took my best friend out to read The Book to her. Having justly noticed that there are about two sex scenes on every page, my best friend told me: “But, Svetla, your main character has to make other things as well – not only sex. She has to have a best friend and hang out with her and share about that guy, that she’s been fucking…

Well nobody on their deathbed has complained that they’ve had too much sex. I think we need to have a lot of sex. That’s good for the health.

Aha! That’s true. Maybe that they did not try a certain thing during sex.

In your opinion does the radical feminist agenda interfere with the natural sexual flow?

I don’t understand feminism, and for that matter, I don’t understand politics, history, horror movies, the weapon industry, animal abuse…

Can you say romance is that niche where you can escape from daily stress? Where you abandon the earthly problems and connect more with the universe?

Well, romance authors are underestimated, and I know this – since when I was a child, I shared the mainstream opinion that the authors of pink novelettes are rather stupid… but, shows and books for girls have given me such good time, comparable to the best love affair you can have…They can simply take you there…and you learn from them how to say “please” in French, for instance, they are extremely educational in some aspects. Besides, when I write romance, I break basically all kinds of rules. So it is a different genre entirely…

That’s an awesome way to put it. Speaking of love affairs, what’s the gap between reality and expectation for you?

Tremendous gap. You can’t find two identical socks in the morning, let alone a love interest that is mutual and otherwise unburdened. Even though I am more sexually motivated than most women, I still find ways to find single – and that is because I found a solution for myself. I am not looking for the perfect person. I distribute my affection. Thus I have a man in my life, who allows me to be romantic with him, and a man who allows me to be slightly sexual, then a man who pays attention to me, and a man who solves my problems… and a man who hangs out with me…a man who makes my interview, someone to work on my books with, and someone to dance with, someone for long walks during the night… and so on.

Hahaha! That sounds like a corporate structure.

Yes, it is very much so!

So what’s your message for all the youth that are just starting to pick up a book or two in the romance genre?

As I describe myself in one of my books: “Well, her characters are rather shallow and inadequate, she can’t create conflict for the life of her, and she has got nothing of value to say, but other than this, she is really my favorite writer.” But I think the last book I am writing may have a message, only I am not sure what yet?

While you embark on a journey to find the message through space and time, It has been a pleasure having you with us today.

Thank you, Andy Manaj. 

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