The Ultimate Guide For Romantic Gestures

romantic gestures

Online Romantic Gestures

I will love you until the rose fades!


A flower and a little poem…

Tangible Romantic Gestures

  1. Decorate his room in St. Valentine’s style – with a lot of hearts and rose petals and balloons, bouquets of long-stem roses, candies, and don’t forget the chocolate and champagne. Get creative!
Valentine’s Interior

2. Serve tea and muffins in bed. Try to make breakfast look really pretty and inviting. Don’t skimp on the strawberries and the whipped cream.

A lavish, luxurious set for two…

3. Take him to spend time in the library, in research of love and erotic poetry, exchange your discoveries and print them. Go to a cool intimate coffee shop and have literature reading aloud, along with nice coffee.

Drink good coffee. Read good books.

4. When the weather is fine, go strolling at the sea. Write messages for each other in the sand. Sea and summer can really drive you crazy with emotions.

Beach lovers

5. Food Festival in Paris – For every chocolate-loving couple on Earth – people gather in the City of Lights to taste chocolate, to attend cooking workshops and to buy some signed books.

Salon du Chocolat

6. Jazz festival – in February, Copenhagen hosts over 300 concerts in the dead of winter in more than 75 venues across Denmark for those, who can’t wait for the summer.


7. Go to a party and shimmy till your garters break and your knickers fall, and you tear twelve pairs of dance slippers with the man you love.


Dance with him!

8. Go hiking, till you are physically toned and happy, sit by the fire, drink red wine and cuddle under a blanket. Or lie near a fireplace, sharing hot cups of tea, again under a blanket.

Don’t forget the ornamented winter socks

9. Give your beloved a magick jewel box. Put a new present for him to discover every month.

Napkins for your happy tears

10. Leave a small testimonial of your love and affection on the soles of his new shoes.

His shoes

11. Take your favorite romantic book and read it aloud to him.

Ok, I have never read this, but the dress looks so nice!

11. Study a language together. Let it be your love language. Study as many expressions of your feelings as you can, you may even invent expressions of your own.


12. Organize a special day – pancakes for breakfast, walk in the morning, a small cafe in the afternoon and a romantic dinner for two. Strive for at least one special day per week.

A Romantic Pizza

13. Go to the movies and watch the best new comedy. Don’t forget the popcorn and when it really gets dark – make out like 19-years-old.

Pop Corn

14. When he is sick at home, spare the time to look after him –  warm soup, tea, blankets and just being together.

Tea for different situations

15. Prepare a picnic basket and go feast in the park.

What we deserve

16. Watch the sunset and the sunrise together.

On a little boat, just us two

17. Take a ride in a carriage pulled by horses. Does it get more fairy-tale than this? Do it on your wedding and all the single ladies will wipe their sentimental tears.

So Disney!

Most Romantic Words

The poets say it best. Here are some texts, which will give you butterflies in the stomach.

Sheng is according to Feng-Shui is the positive kind of chi, which permeates the universe, and it is quite a fancy address, which acclaims the qualities of the person whose friendship is desired forever.

She is obviously beautiful as a starlet – the type of woman, who makes all men in the restaurant turn after her when she enters.

How simple and lovely happines can be for people enamored.

The colors are less beautiful than emotions!

I am gathering more ideas from your comments.

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