Why Do People Love Dancing?

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Why do people love dancing? First and foremost dancing is our reaction to music, and music makes all of us emotional. Everyone likes different types of music, but we all agree we live in a world that craves for it. Just like literature, it makes all of us a little better people.

Music makes all of us tick.

Dancing is for the merry people, and I have heard – for fairies as well.“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music,” said Friedrich Nietzsche.

Yes, you risk looking like a crazy monkey!

But then who cares? Dancing is for everyone, all generations love it. I have seen my grandma toss away the broom and start moving in a contemporary rhythm. I have seen little kids dancing around a street performer. I have seen animals twirling in a dance of their own. Aren’t they cute?

Movement makes all of us happy.

It seems everybody is passionate about it – and the world constantly dances –  millions of traditional and improvisational figures. All of us indulge in dancing, even though some of us need to be a little bit tipsy. They are ashamed of how they dance. But moving in rhythm is still the favorite human pastime.

Why dancing?

It’s the most social activity.

Both the rich and the poor –  those tender at heart, and the tough guys, anyone can surprise you with a dance move. People love spending time together.  It’s the favorite free activity of the world. Best way of adults to play once again.

You can do it on your own…

Yes, even Prime Ministers dance in their premises, when no one is looking. Some melodies are simply irresistible. Moving your body is a natural urge, it also provides you with energy and enthusiasm and tones your form well. You can do it alone…

But it’s even more fun with friends!

Take it easy. Relax in the sensation. It doesn’t have to be hard to perform. Amateur dancing is just as emotional. Free dancing is just as rewarding.

Dancing makes us sociable

Especially dancing in couples – in recent years it was discovered that social dancing like Kizomba is therapeutical for couples. It’s also a great way to meet someone new. And in some cases – it’s a great way to meet yourself and your abilities!

It makes you feel you can do anything with your body.

Your body – one of the greatest instruments you have ever owned – sometimes you feel its limitations, but in dancing, you defy your bad disposition and feel like a superhuman.

Superman shaking it…

Self-indulgence is fun, but we all love dancing in circles and in couples. Especially the latter can create dangerous, spicy, intimate moments. Women simply can’t resist good dancers. They emit powerful signals of potency and creativity, which is so attractive to the ladies, they flock around them.


It’s a great excuse for making out.

Touching is a social need of the individual. When they dance, people in love blend in one form. Their bodies flow in each other. It’s beautiful to watch and even more pleasant to perform.

It’s the best way to celebrate the moment.

You feel you are floating in high heaven, on your toes, if your body is well-prepared anything is possible. So forget your human limitation. Dancing is actually all around us.

You know Nature loves dancing as well!

The beauty of autumn leaves floating in the wind, or the unique snowflakes, which perform a dance of their own – it feels like the world is constantly dancing in ecstasy.

Bears love dancing as well!

Well, cute home pets are as prone to movement as us pet owners. They might even surprise us. But yes – animals are sensitive to music as well.

Go ducks!
And little princesses…

But certain types of dancing are only for adults. They express feelings and sensations which require maturity. Why, dancing is sexy!

It’s provocative

Especially, in some circumstances or by some performers, it can be the sexiest, most sensual expression of feelings and desires.

When done by starlets

When done in couples.

It gives you thrills…

It blasts you to heaven. Dancing is an elevated form of making out, it’s a great excuse to touch the person you love.

It’s the quintessence of romance.

It’s both vintage and eternal. Shamans do it and dervishes do it. Movie stars do it best.

‘After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backward and in high heels.’

Dancing is for everybody. It connects people on many levels. It is as pleasant to watch as it is to perform.

Dance with your friends, dance with your foes…

Indulge in dancing, because that will energize you and make you feel good about yourself. When you see a ballerina in the air, you realize she is capable of doing anything worth doing – flying like a bird, flying like you want to fly.

Dance on your toes…

Dancing is for everybody, but it is also an elite and exceptional activity for creative people. It is a means of expression of talents and desires.

Dance for the art of it.

For some people moving in rhythm is inherent. It’s their thing.

Dance because you can not live without it.

One of the most romantic, most sensual activities, when two people think, and feel, and move as one. For the experienced dancers – this is the challenge – they want to make this connection and create this enlightened moment with their partner. Dancing is the short form of a relationship.

Dance because you can’t stay being away from someone.

It is an amorous indulgement. But shake it, even if you are in front of the mirror alone.

Dance because it’s flirty.

Dance, because you love yourself. Dance because you love the other.

Dance for the beauty in it.

Dancing does connect us like nothing else, except sharing food and drink together. It’s a most spiritual earthly endeavor. It is a major part of our traditions and culture and customs.

Dance in your special moments

Dancing has been with humans since the dawn of human civilization. It is as contemporary, as it is ancient.

Dance because it is retro.

Because it can unite people and why not causes? Whirling in dance is the most sublime way to get intimate with anybody…no one gets hurt, everybody is happy.

Dance because it’s historical.

Dance like the poets dance with words. Give in!

Dance because you are in love.

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