For the Honor of the Lady – Chapter Four

spring garden

In Campbele’s spring garden, all the flowers shining in different colors were covered by drops of dew and exuded wonderful scent. The scent combined well with Lily’s flavor and it could be associated only with lovemaking. As he was helping her off the tree she fell into his arms and he sighed as her body slipped upon his. When her toes reached the ground, he held her close in his serene and warm hug. She immediately took advantage of the situation, as her perky breasts were pressed against his body, she tenderly and teasingly scratched him through the corset with her nipples. Then she remembered she was very angry with August, because of the petite cowgirl. She pouted, bridled up and released herself from his intimate grip. She started walking among the flowers with her nose in the air, slowly, tilting her bottom side to side, fully aware of the fact that he was walking behind her. He was walking behind her speaking softly to her and comparing her to all the flowers aside from the path.

“Those flowers” August said to her in his amorous folly “in all their beauty cannot match the beauty of Lily Campbele. You are tender as the white rose and pleasant to the soul as a carnation. You are innocent like a daisy, shy as peony and magnificent like a lily. Your voice can put the nightingale to shame. ”

“Shame on me, for not being prepared in the field of court etiquette!”

“You are a lady by birth and by vocation; you are naturally graceful, savvy in the manners of the soul.”

“But I don’t have the key to your master bedroom; I wish I was a petite cowgirl!” – She smiled, and her hips were shaking as she walked, she was absolutely aware of the escalation of his desire for her.

“As you walk this garden, the flowers you pass by exude even finer fragrances.”

Black was following them hidden by the lush vegetation, his heart full of a dire feeling. He insulted August and threatened him under his nose. When Lily reached the summer house, she turned around and responded to August’s affection. He grabbed her bottom instantly and kissed her wildly, both of them looked like they were close to ecstasy. Yes, August was going down. Black imagined how he pulls his sister by the hair and out of his embrace and he slaps her really hard on the face, well, she deserved it. But then, he felt pleasure by watching the couple make out, forbidden, foreign, fantastic pleasure. He immediately hated them for this feeling. Yes, August was going down. In a daze, Black was about to almost allow to this man to destroy his sister’s honor. No! But how to interrupt the couple without getting into a conflict, for Black hated conflicts? He could fire 2 warning shots into the air, which he did, and all the birds at the summer house were scared and flew towards the white clouds. August and Lily, figured that somebody was there. “I am so stupid, August, I was ready to give in to you in my yard. Why the hell not! But in my estate even walls have ears. We could get in real trouble…but it’s so hard to let go…but you have to leave…August, don’t make it worse, please go!” He hushed her with a soft kiss, then pressed his hand to his heart in a gesture of affection and gratitude, and left her – a hot mess – to rest in the summer house among all the flowers.

While Lily was sitting in the alcove overwhelmed with what had just happened her brother Ashton passed by sipping hot tea from a big, porcelain cup for that was his spring morning tradition. He was glad to see Lily but wondered a bit what she might be doing in the summer house only in her undergarments. Since he never judged anybody before he knew what has happened, he smiled softly at her and desired to know what she’s up to.

“Lily, what are you up to?”

“If you have to know Ashton, I am enjoying the spring weather,” she said.

“But darling, why are you in your knickers?”

“Black had me locked into my bedroom. I can’t quite climb on the ash tree in my crinoline.”

“And why did he lock you? And why are your eyes shining like this?”

Ashton couldn’t help but notice that his sister was somehow changed.

“I am in love” – spilled the information Lily, who couldn’t lie for the life of her.

“That sounds wonderful and explains a bit. Have you been eloping from Campbele’s Mansion?”

“Ashton, do you remember our friend from the Alexander kin? Louis assigned him to be my teacher in etiquette.”

”August Alexander, you mean? Won’t this powdered peacock leave you alone! The entire court is babbling!”

“I couldn’t help thinking about him, and I feel it is not one-sided.”

“Lily, as much as I care about you, are you certain that this idiot is very much into you?”

Never mind his harsh words, Ashton was sipping from the tea with pleasure…which gave Lily the high spirits to try to prove that she was indeed loved.

“Trust me, dear Ashton! We have been making out – the second time this morning. He drives me mad and he knows it!”

“But he is courteous to all the petticoats in the world, darling!”

“And I am jealous…”

“You should be. Rumors have it the man lifts the skirt of every woman in the neighborhood.”

“Oh, Ashton, what am I to do?”

“Well, if you keep on doing this you will become the court’s laughing stock!”

Lily turned to the side and wiped her eyes.

“Are you crying my darling? Lily, don’t you know me a little? I am kidding the entire time sweetheart! I just wanted to check how much you want it. I know why August Alexander attracts you. He is a venerable, dignified man. You have my sincere blessings! In fact, I will find a way to help you out! And you shouldn’t be jealous, Lily, it spoils your enjoyment. Jealousy is a bitter tea for the stomach, Lily, it is sickness, St. John’s Wort!” – said Ashton, and enjoyed the last drop of his tea.

“But I can’t bear if he prefers someone else!” said Lily, her eyes still wet.

“Hush, dear!” Ashton hugged her. “You know you are as unique and beautiful as a snowflake!”

Lily, the perfect Snowflake entered the ballroom in a couple of days after her yard adventure and her eyes met August’s. “Oh, well, a never was there ever…” Lily thought as he approached her and took her hand. The inviting softness of his hand, which pulled her towards him, and they were soon intertwined, body against body, that wonderful feeling filled her entire being. Usually, he started to move softly and broke their hug into the form of the dance. But this very time, August did not move at all. He was standing still and holding her close to his heart, her eyes closed, her forehead softly fallen on his shoulder. He wasn’t even aware that people were looking, he was so sunk in her loveliness. They felt like a statue made of chocolate, had they moved they would fly into a million pieces. Thus he stood in the midst of the dancing hall, hugging her close, doing absolutely nothing…couples were dancing around them, ladies were whispering behind their fans, while he and Lily were standing in the middle of the hall, oblivious and doing absolutely nothing. Their feelings escalated to a point of no return. He still did nothing, it was enough that she breathed slowly into his neckline, it was enough that her hand clutched his hand, it was enough to feel her like this, it was enough! She felt she belonged in his arms, and honestly, that’s where she belonged!

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