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Nasiru Wonder is from Ghana. I asked him to imagine he meets a pretty girl at a bar. How would he introduce himself to her?

I’ll give you my name if you guess right! Lol! Nasiru is the name, a poem for the Universe. With my pen, I’m known as a “Wonder” even on poetry stage, yet a danger I am for the tyrant—“at meek in your bosom” (which means cool in your presence), let’s have a drink. I love nature, I love photography, I’m inspired by the world to codify words. Let’s chitchat.

What inspires you most to create poetry?

Nature, Women, Children and Divine Love. They inspire me to write relentlessly.

Quote some of your words that are devoted to a romantic interest?

When my weak and unable self was weak, you held my hands without words, placing me in your center. Nay was it not you? Who opened a door, spread the floor with a magnetic aroma and beauty. I’m endowed to subdue your company.

What’s your advice to people who feel broken-hearted?

Get up and clean that mess. Love is not for free, It’s worthy of all tests. Find courage in loving yourself back before you blow your skulls.

What’s the bravest thing you have ever done?

Writing on my journey to the Sufi Path. It took me 60 months to accomplish that. I feel proud of putting my experience on paper undaunted.

Tell me about this journey?

My journey to the Sufi Path?


It’s lengthy but I’ll keep it brief.

Nasiru visited Prangthe city in Ghana, where millions adherent God-Seekers respect and adore in their hearts. That happened 5 years after Shaykh (spiritual teacher) Abdullahi Maikano (the name of the Sufi) had transitioned to isthmus (ancestral, spiritual world).

Can you introduce your culture in a few words?

Sufism is the purification of heart for divine seeker whose sole aim is to meet God, through diverse and unprecedented means. A disciple of this path is referred to as a Sufi. They cherish Divine love instead of desiring heaven or earthly rewards as most religious folks prey for.  Amongst the Sufis (wise and very mystical people) we have Rabiatu al-Adawiyya, Imam Sa’adi, Jalalud Deen Rumi, Imam al-Ghazali, Shaykh Ahmad Tijani, Shaykh Ibrahim Niāsse e.t.c and they have left us ashk (quest, a burning desire) of God, Love, and Immortality. And all of them are great poets, their works have been translated into different languages.

Ghana is a multi-cultured country with 10 regions and 3 major religions (Islam, Christianity, African traditional religion) and many others.

In few words, “Had adopted and infused ancient practices that really has brought and United tribes, religions,  traditions in a cordial sense of the term.

Your view on premarital sexuality?

I think the youth must have education on sex, how it is before it goes against our moral settings.

Like we say in the African Proverb, “If the young are not initiated into the village they will burn it down just to feel its warmth.”

Have you had a romantic interest? Tell me about her?

Yes… I’ve had numerous but there remains one, who still registers through my mind, even though we’re miles apart.

She was my first love, the very person who proposed to me by writing letters and extending words through friends and family to me. Her innermost feelings about me and the life we could achieve. We were both young and naïve didn’t know or understand what it takes, to be loved. I was eighteen, two years older than her.

And what happened?

A lot happened, we had conflicts and misunderstandings and the communication was broken. She lost my trust in the relationship. Her peers influenced her to chase another guy in our hood. You know how that means,  all my friends and families were very much concerned, I voiced out to her but she wouldn’t listen.

Your fondest memory with her?

She kindled the man in me.

Beautifully said. Why is your nickname Wonder?

Life has always awestricken me. It’s hard to go a day without saying, “wow” “awe” too emotional as my friends described me growing up.

We had in school nicknames each then, my love for Marvel comics was too much and I had written “via” snail mails to Marvel productions at that time. Snail mail is the old type of Posting letter whiles we wait in a week or months to respond. When it was to print the badge student I had wanted marvel but “opted” for “Lil Wonder”. I still have some of his magazines they mailed to me. It was a great honor to me.

What’s the most extraordinary thing about you?

I am as I am. I don’t fake, I do not quickly judge or condemn. I have a big heart to love and I don’t expect being loved back. I think that’s me.

Are you jealous?

I am, it’s a quality in love. When you activate love in the fullest sense, you’re prone to jealousy but it’s controllable except in conditioned love cases.

Are you religious?

Yes and very Spiritual.

Tell me about it? What do you believe?

I believe there is God and a path leading to him, knowing or unknowingly. That’s religion: our life transact.

Transact? What does this mean?

As in transaction. What we do in the Church, temple, synagogue or mosque and after the temple services. Those rituals and ethics, I refer as life transact.

Life is our deal with God?

Sure, but Spiritual goes beyond that.


Spiritually it’s our deal with God, expounding goodness and greatness in honoring one another, we honor God.

What’s the most attractive quality of a woman?



Love & Creativity.

What kind of creativity?

Wrapping nothing to something. Women are the maintainers of earth, without them, there would be no life. Their ability to make us feel in heaven is crucial and unexplainable. Imagine if all the Women in the world decide not to give birth, do we have a future?

Your greatest achievement so far?

To love unconditionally.

What makes you happy?

Seeing people together regardless of their political stand or religious affiliation.

It makes me happy, I just wanna die seeing these beautiful moments.

Are you Christian?

I’m a Muslim. And everything good, that I am too.

What are you curious about?

What makes the world go round?

Do you watch the news?

I do, sometimes.

How does that make you feel?

Makes me want to vomit! How heartless some people are!

Do you like receiving or giving gifts more?

I like giving gifts instead of receiving them. For the past years, I’ve had friends home and abroad send gifts to me, they know I love to love and second to it, is books. Nothing much, nothing less.

So you love giving gifts and receiving books?:)

Yes, I do.

Now a peculiar question. For Xmas I got an incredible notepad with the Eiffel Tower on the cover and every page of it is different – there are postcards, post stamps, pictures, and quotes…if you got one of these what would you use it for?

I’ll use that to write on Europe and other exotics.

Take travel notes you mean?

Write on Europe, Its big Cities, the Life over there and struggles Everywhere.

Which is your favorite city in the world?

Addis Abаba

Ethiopia? Why?

It is one of the greatest city in the World. The legacies and legends that country produced are just outlandish.

Do you have other talents except writing?

I’m a good thinker. Besides, there are more jewels in me that need to unfold and writing is helping me lead to that discovery.

That’s wonderful! Your thoughts on compassion?

When someone is in pain, I take it as mine. I do not rejoice in others suffering, and my rejoice in successful times is little, I don’t want to inflict the person next to me. I do not have the Absolute power to, but I try my best at that.

I wrote on my broken heart:


When you tore my heart
I had enough space to fart.
Crying by heart as my voice rust.
I became free when you sold out.
Alas, your flaw flowed without word,
This sentiment erased my password.
I shouldn’t have given you my word.
So it was true: You administered
my mailing, my calling, and whatever desired.
I point straight to your face confessing with no delay:
You are such a shame
Aww! You ruined the game.
I fucking walk with no crime.
My heart is the Lord’s Temple.


Nasiru Wonder | 2018


So how did you spend Christmas? You don’t celebrate it?

I spent it with my family and friends indoors and through phone contacts with love and love.

Tell me about a relevant big Muslim holiday?

Eid al-Fitri and Eid al-Adha. The first is celebrated after a 29/30 days fast, whereas the latter is during Hajj, the sacred pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia (the then, Hejaz).

How does one celebrate these holidays?

With family and friends, like a family reunion day. No one is without food, drink or made to feel bad or weird. We go to the mosque or Eid prayer grounds dressed in our fresh and newly outlooks spreading beauty and light embracing one another in supplicating, There is no power and might save the Most Exalted. I did write on an event. I bet reading it will do better.

EiD MuBarakah – Nasiru Wonder – Medium

Eīd al-adhā is a busy Holy Day for Muslims everywhere. In my Community or Area to say; New Fadama in Accra we have a grand style of celebrating it.

How does your day usually pass?

It’s spent in reading, curating and learning more on issues that I’m enthusiastic about. I’m currently working on a Sufi poetry book with a Spanish writer in France. That being said places me on busy and flexible schedules.

What curating?

Collecting words, a little of something that you care and love in order to learn or bind as master of pieces (masterpiece) of yours.

Interesting! Why do you do this?

I believe art and poetry goes down to more than a person. No Poet or Artist has sole meaning to his work. I copy, learn new words with themes and colors so I can incorporate into my work for the benefit of others too.

Do you have other hobbies besides writing?

Community activities, communal labor and I love engaging beneficial stuffs. As a person aiming to become an Interfaith agent, there’s more workloads ahead.

What communal labor do you do?

Sanitation and tutorial or mentoring the upcoming ones. It’s more of Give back to the community.

You care about children?

A lot. Everybody was once a child, it takes faith to decide whether we make it as adults. I have so much love and respect for the younger ones.

In what institutions?

All. The child is for all, be it here in Ghana, USA, Europe or children learning to toddle or speak the community’s language.

Yes I understand that, but it’s really interesting to me, where does one go if they want to help a child? In orphanages? In schools?

Community first, schools like daycare Centre and orphanage home.

I see.

Can I ask you a question? You can choose to answer it now or later to avoid any interruption.


Why do you choose to interview me? What interests you?

I am interested in humanity in general. I chose you because you are a writer, and will express finely and differently your ideas to the world…you have a way with words which speaks of qualities that I like.

I get it now.

Let’s go ahead with the interview.

Why did you want to do this interview?

From a total stranger or a journalist without a tag, life is full of surprises.

Haha, so true.


Let’s imagine you are not in an interview. Let’s continue with a normal conversation. What would you say to a total stranger and a journalist without a tag? Informally…

I’m open to talks with whomever. I’ve learnt to be honest to oneself, before another. I don’t have to worry or panic thinking through what I said… Truth is truth.

Many thanks to Nasiru Wonder for being sincere with the world!


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