Insolent Suitors

The horror of each enamored woman is all the men who trot about her the entire time, with different methods of approach, but with the same agenda – the infamous Insolent Suitors.

Like literary characters, Insolent Suitors want something all the time, but it is not innocent as a glass of water.

The Cavalier:

“I was tempted to know what a beautiful woman like you would be doing single…”

He’s a sort of a Casanova, he knows how to treat ladies, and expects that after he drops a line like this your knickers will fall on the floor. He compliments you nicely for your smile and he waits like a predator for the focus of your attention. But your precious focus is centered elsewhere, and for the love of God and all that is holy – it won’t move.

The Spiritually Evolved

“It’s a magical night for a date,” he says. He greets you from the Indian Ocean, God knows this must be an expensive trip, he compliments you nicely, he wants “to communicate.” He is a feminist and will admit that women are far superior to him, but you don’t have to buy this, it’s just a move of courtship. When he is informed that you love someone else, he exclaims that you are a victim of your own limitations.

The Physical

“You look good, honey!” – He says warmly and then he adds: “You have some breasts. May I place my finger in your neckline?” At some point he will inform you that his love life has been really unhappy, then he will implore to touch your boobs, and if afterward, you don’t reply for centuries, he will ask: “What’s up boobalicious girl?

The Friend

The friend is my “favorite” type. He opens the conversation with: “Thanks very much for visiting my profile, dear! Would you like to be my friend?” Next comes: “My friend, I am your faithful friend, we are friends forever, and please may I have your recent pics… I lost your earlier pictures due to unavoidable technical problems.” Then, he will politely ask about your family: “How is your daddy? I invite both of you to visit my country.” – Yes, he is hospitable and if you fail to reply to him, he will whine: “I miss you dear! Unfortunate myself!” At some point in your communication, the Friend receives a divine revelation: I think you are a very busy personality… I was looking for a friend who has time. Good Bye!

Mr. To-The-Point

Mr. To-The-Point wants serious attitude. He asks insistently “Why don’t you reply to me? Send me your phone number, and I will send you a message!” He hopes you are looking for a boyfriend, therefore he asks directly: “What are you looking for in here?” The magic is over and gone: God knows what I am looking for in here, I must be awful bored! Next, he will demand some information: “Where do you live?” – as if he is coming to visit!

The Questionary

What are you doing? Laaaady? What are you doing now? Why don’t you reply? What happened? I need your company! I want to talk to you! I am still looking at your picture! I feel happy when I look at your pictures! You are naughty! Laaaady? Do you remember me? Why don’t you talk to me? Don’t you like this friendship? Are you angry with me? What time is it? Are you really committed? I don’t think so…

The Sexual

“Hello hon, you looking for fun? I am here to chat and share deep sexual experiences with a very open-minded gal…Right now I have a hard on for you! Do you have any stoppages? Make sure your words keep my cock hard… that’s all!

Now, why is every respectable woman terrified by the Insolent Suitors?

Men are scary in general…all women are tender, but men are the scary ones. For a large part of them do not know how to behave with a woman wonderful. They are drawn by your light, but they are spiritually not evolved. The spiritually young person wants something the entire time…and you better give them what they want, because when you don’t they become really grouchy. It is all your fault. Who do you think you are? From an object of desire in the blink of an eye, you become a hateful bitch. That should not worry you. You are a tough woman and you have to learn to say “No.”

But what the entire time Insolent Suitors are screaming is that they want someone who loves them. They are the lost children of the world, who dream of adoption. You are their one-way ticket to paradise and they promise to stick to you. You on the other side cannot afford to sustain spiritually and sensually half the world. This is a message you need to get across, without insulting your Insolent Suitors. Teach them how to release you and pardon you. They may be the love of the life for someone else.


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