Christmas Shirts for Your Beloved

Christmas shirts

Imagine I am a fortune-teller, and I am telling your future in a crystal  ball, or a cup of coffee, or with beans and flour, or simply cards – cards is the best option. So, I have seen in your future and past some venerable gentlemen, and I am helping you to pick Christmas presents for them. Presents should be alike, to balance the relationship, but they have to be strikingly different because of the uniqueness of each of your spiritual friends.

If you have sunk in his eyes the first time you’ve met him and you’ve fallen immediately for his glittering smile, this is the Shirt for your Gentleman. Classy, stylish, yet with a base of darkness – the blue tie and the white collar fit perfectly someone you would love to have around for an eternity. Wish him to spend more time hanging around with you, dolled up like this, so that may pull on his blue tie on a lot of occasions. Lovely buttons to play with, white collar to leave your lipstick on, elegant, demanding attire suitable for a King of Fairies, who has somehow dropped in this reality from the fairy tales, and is trying to mingle socially, but we have to admit because of the taste of the Fairy Queen, he’s as usual overdressed for the occasion.

This is a black, elegant attire for a minor wizard who knows just a little magick and is trying to elope from the black, but this color suits his bright blue eyes and his silver blond hair. He comes from a world, where everyone is beautiful, smart and smells nice. The wish should be to connect through spirit, not through magick with the ever-evolving world around him and never underestimate the true, faithful, eternal love.

Angels, butterflies or fairies, all those ornaments look fine on your spiritually evolved friend, who knows how to levitate from happiness and also is able to share your grief. Let’s drink for comradeship, for the rain in which lovers can meet, for the sky and the wisdom, and the kisses made of light. Let’s drink for soul-mates and devotion, and kisses tasting of fresh and chocolate, and some unfinished cake on the plates and for his bashful smile, when he meets you in the streets. The wish is to soar the skies with you like a bird and happy coupling when you alight on Earth.

This is the attire for your personal angel, for the most impassioned creature ever roamed the earth in the search of beautiful emotions. He is spiritually evolved and he loves people genuinely, even if he does not like them. He always holds you above the water, and champagne white is his personal color. He is true elegance and he loves history and culture a lot, he is a bit psychic, and among the people in the world, he is a Nobleman. He always has a rose for you, but not behind his back. His name means “immortal.” Wish him intoxicating emotions to witness and experience.

This is the shirt for your North Deity – an Alpha Man with a bumble-bee voice…oh no, I am kidding. His voice and everything else is sweet to your taste. When you focus on him after a long time apart, you feel one feeling: approval. Divine approval. So this shirt will cover a body toned and full of vigor, and adorn a man of village aristocracy and an ancient hero. He is as comely as they come! Wish him four hours foreplay followed by an act of love even longer!

There is something very royal in this shirt, and at the same time serene. Those lovely small golden ornaments on the shoulder will suit well to his incredible blue eyes. It’s top virile and at the same time elegant. This man will accompany a lady dressed in lace and wearing a white fan with golden ornaments. He sings well, and dances, and paints and he is lovely in all aspects. His best quality is to bring people together. Wish him to stay the heart and soul of the company.

This man appreciates your talents and he is happy to be your friend, but if you decide to honor him as more than a friend, you will come upon a strong opposition. Your creative juices connect you with him on a level most people have never dreamt about. He is extremely polite and caring and thoughtful. This attire is a perfect fit for his noble soul, with just a bit of pretense. Wish him a lot of worthy sentences in days to come.

You will hit it off immediately since you have been siblings in a past life. He is one of the light-workers on Earth and he loves things minimalistic, and he loves the cold, so there is this ribbonless, sleeveless shirt…but with a hood because he is incredibly practical. It will suit his slender body and catlike grace…it will underline how different he is. He is a Leo and a soulful creature and very strong and forgiving. Wish him tenderness in huge doses, and good friends to abide to.

This is a shirt with a phoenix, for a young bard, who haunts your mind since you have met. He is handsome and pleasant, but when he sings, birds fall from the trees ashamed. He is noble and caring, women throw themselves at him on a lot of occasions…he treats them right, he knows how. Wish him to rejoice in his talent and delight everybody else.

“I am a prince, I am extremely handsome and talented, I am royal and benevolent and for you, it is a great chance to meet me.” This is how to dress your true eternal idol, your personal guardian. He loves to tell tales about you around the campfire, people laugh and cry and they genuinely love you. Sometimes you are ungrateful and bitch about things, but this Christmas you will be fair: he is everything he said and even more…

And the moment of truth…you belong in this man’s arms. The embroidery on the jacket will scratch your nipples when you press close to him. He is your true heart’s desire. The black buttons are there to be slowly unbuttoned, and the bow-tie is to be removed fast. He will declare in your ear that you are in love with him. Stunned you will discover he is more than right. You will live happily ever after…

Wish him to wake up beside you. Wish him everything you crave for. He won’t budge!


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