Liz Moldovan and Her Resurrection Into the Light of the World

Liz Moldovan

Liz Moldovan is a mother of 5 children and grandmother of 3.  She has recently written her memoir about her life in order to help others who struggle to find a way of living.  She has been in love 3 times in her lifetime and has been single for the past ten years. Nowadays she is single and content and happy for the first time. Her longest relationship has lasted for twenty-four years – day and night they haven’t parted unless he had to go to work. I presumed she is very family savvy.

What is the recipe for family happiness?

For me personally, I have learned that to accept people just the way they are and not how I want them to be, brings me much joy and contentment.  Give and take is also important because otherwise, relationships become one-sided and eventually collapse.

So you advocate unconditional love?

Yes, but sometimes only at a distance because unfortunately out there in this world, there are people who use and abuse this gift, and then you become abused by toxic people.  I always forgive but that does not mean staying in a relationship with someone.

What makes you a good author?

A good author for memoirs is someone who is honest. For other genres, I would say description and imagination are qualities that keep me reading.

Why should people read your work?

People should read my book, because if they are struggling with anything in this life, if they need help, hope, answers, wisdom or forgiveness,  then they will find it in the pages.

Wonderful! Now that Christmas is coming, can you finish this sentence:

“Christmas isn’t Christmas without…”

Love and Forgiveness

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Together with my family, who are flying in from overseas and coming from interstate this year.  We are giving gifts this year only to the children and we will have a lovely breakfast and lunch together.  I go to listen to carols at church and give thanks to God for sending us the savior of the world.

Tell us about your personal salvation – how did light defy darkness?

The answer is very long and is in the final chapter of my book.  I attempted suicide 12 years ago nearly to this day when I was homeless.  One night, around 11 p.m. I woke up and sat upright in bed but was groggy from the methadone that I was still addicted to.  I heard a voice, not in my head but in the air and it said, “Do you want to be made Whole?  Do you want to be made Whole?”  and I lay back down and went straight back to sleep.  The next day I didn’t think too much about it until two weeks later when I went to church with my 3-year-old daughter for the first time.  The pastor was preaching and all of a sudden he called out, “Do you want to be made Whole?  Do you want to be made Whole?”  and I knew the voice I had heard late that night in the refuge, was Jesus.  My life began to get better from that day on.  He taught me how to live.

It seems hopeless and hungry people are always closest to God. What do you have to say to the addicts of this world?

I would say that no matter what you have done or where you have been, God is right there with you and will help you, forgive you and love you, and you are not alone.  Also, don’t wait for as long as I did to ask for forgiveness, don’t be stubborn like I was because the consequences are hard to bear sometimes.

Tell me about the man you have lived with for 24 years? What is he like?

Oh, that is a very long story.  We met when I was only 21 years old and he was 28.  He was very handsome and educated.  He seemed confident and worked hard.  I thought he had my best interests at heart and even though I fought my feelings of attraction towards him for two years, I finally fell in love with him and moved in together.  He was a cocaine addict and dealer.

Was he transformed by your relationship?

I trusted him and he told me he loved me but things got very complicated after we began to use heroin.  He gave me a black eye when I was 8 months pregnant with our first child and I forgave him and kept forgiving him throughout all the years of him abusing us both physically and verbally until one day, 12 years ago, he went too far and hurt our 3-year-old daughter.  I had to leave to keep her safe.

That’s quite a turbulent experience! I thought you are still together?

Very rough… we aren’t even though he has tried over the years to reconcile.

At this point, Liz wanted to know if this unfortunate situation in her life was a deal-breaker for the interview. I alleviated her that I am focused on her personality and her family history, but she thought maybe I wanted a story with a successful relationship. I told her: “I am not the person, who has got to be happy with your love life…” and she understood. Then she shared that her boyfriend still knocks on her door randomly and uninvited. She had to take out 3 separate AVOs in the past 12 years through the courts, to keep him away from her.

Do you believe in soulmates?

Yes I do.

Was he your soulmate?


So you are over and done with him?

Yes, I am finished. The man I fell in love with before him, he was the one I should have married.,

Good. And now you have a great relationship with God. Do you need a man in your life?

Yes, God is close, and my life is full.  I am content.  But it took many years to reach this point.

But you have 5 children and even grandchildren; it means you have done a great job!

Thank you.  Yes, they all love me thank God.

Tell me about your children. What makes you a happy and proud mom?

My eldest Son turns 40 next year and is married and expecting their first baby in May.  They work hard and own their own home.  My eldest daughter, 32, is married and has a 2 yrs. old baby girl, they live in New Zealand and both work very hard.  My daughter, 30, graduated from University, is married and owns a home, works hard and has a baby girl.  My Son 27 works hard and recently moved back home with me and my 15-year-old daughter.  She studies hard and receives academic achievement awards every year at school.  They have all been supportive since my book was published even though at first they were apprehensive.  And I am thankful for that.


Thank you!

How about yourself? How do you live? Have you got hobbies?

I love to cook, clean our home, gardening and I paint and draw although I have not had time to since by book was published.  I belong to recovery groups here on Facebook and try to help people who struggle with life.  I give them free books and tell them what helped me.  My book is in prison libraries, rehabilitation facilities, and narcotics anonymous meetings library too, as well as Harvard University Library.

Okay last question: Is there something you want to be asked, but I haven’t?

Can I say that I went public very reluctantly as I am a very private person?  But I am glad now that I overcame all that fear because people are being helped and given hope by reading about my life.

Thank you, Liz, be as much in Love with God and useful to us humans!

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